Fond Memories from Wilderness Trails

Fond memories!

Recently a gentleman shared with Wilderness Trails his fond memories of a backpacking trip he took with Wilderness Trails in 1997. This is a perfect example of the life changing power of camp and the ability this experience has to transform a life.

“…the hike continued on over the next week and my pack began to feel like a part of me. Something was happening to me. I was accomplishing something! I was enjoying myself. I was LIVING!! I was getting to actually not just know God, but actually getting the chance to APPRECIATE the beauty He created for us like I never had before. And I was doing it with people who cared about me, not for who I was, not my issues, my problems, but because I was a child of God. Because they somehow loved me without knowing me. Because I was special. And I actually felt that way, maybe for the first time in a long time. This was something, a memory, an experience that God, with the help of a program called Wilderness Trails and it’s staff had given to me. This is one of those memories that will last forever. Something I can carry with me for the rest of my life.”

-Joshua James

Favorite Recreation Contest!

What is the favorite recreational activity you enjoy along the wild and scenic Klamath River?

While Happy Camp News has had opportunities to share the “Fun Things children do in Happy Camp”. and “Ten best things to do in Happy Camp” in the past, now we put it to you, dear reader. What are some of your favorite activities in this beautiful outdoor family fun place at the top of California?

Send your nominations to the editor:

P. O. Box 1675, Happy Camp, CA 96039

or e-mail to Judy Bushy –

Thanks, looking forward to hearing your accounts of fun times on the Klamath!

Veto to New Regulations for Klamath River Use

Governor Swarzengger has vetoed the bill of great concern to the gold prospectors along the wild Klamath River. We want to see the fish and wildlife protected from harm, if there were harmful effects of suction dredge mining, however, most dredgers looking for gold are amazed at how the fish enjoy participating in the sport.

No scientific study has shown dredging to be harmful, and at least one has shown that it is particularly helpful in restoring habitat for fish.

The Governor said that “current law gives the Department of Fish and Game the necessary authority to protect fish and wildlife resources. It is unclear why this bill specifically targets a number of specific waterways for closure of further restrictions,” he said, and “scientific environmental review should precede such decisions.”

Will Schwarzenegger veto “No prospecting” signs on the Klamath?

Dave McCracken requests letters to Schwarzenegger to Veto Bill

Each summer, visitors from far and wide come to the Klamath River. Since 1852 many of those travelers are looking for gold. They also have a wonderful outdoor recreation time with family and friends. The Dredgers are facing new regulations that would lead to sharp curtailment of the prospecting activity on the River. They’d appreciate your help right now in sending a letter, fax or email to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, asking him to please veto this bill.

Dave McCracken has sent word to all those interested in prospecting for gold and similar recreation on the river that Assembly Bill 1032 has passed through the California legislature and is now on its way to Governor Schwarzenegger for his signature. AB 1032 is a bill that is intended to modify Section 5353 of the California Fish & Game Code to allow the Department of Fish & Game to arbitrarily close and/or curtail suction dredge activity along numerous waterways in California, which would no doubt include the Klamath River that we love.

For liberty for the dredgers to pursue their recreation on the Klamath, the concen is that they must encourage the Governor to kill this bill right now, or suffer the consequences later. Further information and help with this can be found at the following link:

Liberty to keep the Klamath open to recreational prospecting is dependent on the outcome of this bill.

Budding Marijuana

Warning to Hunters & Outdoor Enthusiasts About Marijuana

Yreka – The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind the public to be especially wary and vigilant during Autumn months. The marijuana harvest season is fast approaching and conflicts between the public and those conducting illegal growing operations on both public and private lands are possible.
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