Happy Camp Town Meeting Tuesday

ny Judy Bushy
Most Important coming event is the Town Meeting at the Grange August 13th with Jon Lopey, our sheriff. Please come and bring a citizen of the community with you!!

Last week the Happy Camp Coordinating Council began meeting each week as they tie everything together for putting on the 47th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree on Labor Day weekend. This year has some really special activities planned for families. Saturday will be a very special Kids time. In preparation you are invited to get the picture to color the coloring page can be downloaded from the website, www.bigfootjamboree.org under Events/Kids Day. You can bring it to Double J, Parry’s Market, or Scott Valley Bank who will hang up the pictures until they take them to the River Park, Saturday August 31st? You may also bring it to the park for the Kids Day events. The winning boy and girl will receive a brand new bicycle. So if you have a child 3 to 8 years old, be sure to have them enter the coloring contest.

Winning raffle tickets have some great prizes this year so keep your eye out for the Bigfoot Princesses, the girls selling raffle tickets.