Happy Camp Loves Our Veterans!

byJudy E. Bushy
Veterans Day
The next big day coming up is the Veterans Day a week from Thursday. The committee to put on a Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner on that evening is in full swing and going well. If you know a Veteran from our home area along the Klamath River, please let us know so they can receive our appreciation and an invitation to the dinner. Dinner will be served at the Happy Camp Elementary School.

Do you have photos of Happy Camp or area veterans who are serving, or have served? Happy Camp loves our Veterans is the Facebook page where you’ll find out more about the Veterans Appreciation efforts. Please give a call to Lisa Bousfield if you have names of veterans of our area that we can invite. Don’t want to miss any! Veterans, please R.S.V.P.Call Robin 530-598-2035 with names and number. We’d appreciate your help!

The committee is so very grateful to the Karuk Tribe, Bob and Trista Parry of Kingfisher Market, NAPA Auto Supply of Happy Camp, Marble Mountain Hardware, Scott River Builders, Connor Card Lock, Rick Jones of Seiad Valley Store, Pepsi Cola of Mt Shasta for drinks and Partner’s Deli. Thanks to all the Happy Camp businesses that will be putting up American flags for Veterans Day as well.

Thanks to the individuals who have donated their time and resources, worked on the committee and “Ms Muffin’s” Cupcakes…My how I’ve missed them recently as there’s no more Farmer’s Market this year. Glad that Leona McLaughlin has a kitchen as her new home was one of the first in the Indian Meadow’s to be replaced following the disaster of the Slater Fire last year.
We have much to be grateful for since the 2020 event, sad though that was!!It’s wonderful to see the community working together, helping each other out and coming back stronger than ever!

Veterans Appreciation Dinner November 10th

Cake & Desserts for the Veterans Appreciation dinner

by Judy Bushy
When we all get together for dinner….we have a wonderful time with our Klamath Neighbors. especially
Veterans Appreciation dinner

Saturday night Amber Ogborn and her crew of volunteers made a delicious Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner at the Happy Camp Elementary School. Some children in the Rocket’s had made decorations, and Iris and Para decorated.
We were a bit late as the Computer Center closes at 5 pm on Saturdays, but there was still plenty of food for all. The dessert tables were also arrayed with a wonderful assortment of pies, cake, crisps and cookies!! Yum. It was beautiful! We met a new veteran, Ken, and saw many friends who are veterans as well.

A great big thanks to Amber Ogborn who spearheaded the Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner about a year ago, and arranged to have it at the Happy Camp Elementary School. Also, Lisa Bousfield, Joyce Bell-Hammond, Iris Edwards, Para Edwards Merritt, Linda Thompson and Cody Sindle, and lots of others who helped making decorations (Rockets Club kids notably) bringing the delicious homemade desserts, and helping with clean up. It was wonderful to have the Veterans that were there.
Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch

Volunteers Served the Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner

Veterans Appreciation Dinner on Saturday evening at the Happy Camp Elementary School, Volunteers serving dinner are Amber Ogborn and her volunteers, Para Edwards Merritt, Joyce Bell-Hammond, Iris Edwards, Linda Thompson Lisa Bousfield (and Cody Sindle, not shown)