Woodcarving Artist Comes to Happy Camp

Barbara Hayes, woodcarver

By Judy Bushy

Barbara Yates is a very talented woodcarver and artist. We were pleased to meet Barbara and have an opportunity to look through her portfolio. Barbara does a lot of traveling, and she has been “Artist in residence” and designed woodcarved sculptures in parks.

My favorite woodsculptures by Barbara are her beautiful angels. I’ve been wondering since meeting her if she could turn a log into a child. Actually, I’m sure she could, since a piece of her work, a lady and child, is at present on display at the Health and Harmony at the intersection of Davis Road and Indian Creek Road, in Happy Camp. You’ll know the spot when you see the biggest dreamcatcher in the world!

Barbara plans to come back to Happy Camp and many admirers of her woodcarving wish for her to stay a long, long time!