Webelos Bridge to Boy Scout Troop 52 Patrol 2

                           Webelos become Scouts

By Judy Bushy

Webelos are the highest Den level in Cub Scouts. Webelos who are ending 5th grade are John Cook, Cody Sindle, and Ryan Wilson. Along with Jeffrey Kanawyer, they have had a great year of new experiences and learning! Having completed the requirements, they bridged to Boy Scouts at a special Pack Meeting June 1st.

 Alex Eadie, James Simmons and Patrol 1 Leader Pihneftuuf Elston welcomed them into the Troop. Friends and Family gathered for hotdogs and hamburger fellowship and to wish the boys well.

Pack#52 Cub Express Down the Track!

Cub Express Train Ride

by Judy Bushy

Happy Camp Cub Scout Pack #52 Celebrated the September Cub Express with a ride on an old fashioned steam engine. The boys gathered early in the morning to take a ride on the Yreka Western Railroad to Montague.

The engineer called out the sites as the train rolled past; a buck next to the tracks, turtles sunning in the creek, a coyote in a rush away from the clattering train, hobo camp, mills and a view of Mt. Shasta off to the south.

The train arrived just in time for a picnic lunch before the Balloon Fair parade in Montague. there the boys gathered candy to give them plenty of energy.

Next stop was the Railroad Museum. By the time they had looked at all the old Railroading gear from time gone by, the whistle of old Engine #19 could be heard and it was time to head back to the train for the ride back to Yreka and the ride home to Happy Camp. It was a great family outing for the Cub Scouts, leaders, parents and siblings who went for the train ride on an old fashioned steam engine.