Art & Culture at the People’s Center and Museum

In Collaboration with The Clark Museum in Eureka, CA, The Karuk Tribe opens
Pi’êep Káru Payêem – Long ago and Today Exhibition
The Karuk Tribal Historic Preservation Office announced today that the Karuk People’s Center and Museum in Happy Camp, CA will display the art and culture exhibition Pi’êep Káru Payêem – Long ago and Today through September 2013.

The exhibition showcases treasured cultural pieces as well as contemporary traditional and modern art. The community-led exhibit was developed to focus on variety of interpretive/educational themes featuring the Karuk Tribe’s people and environment. Museum displays include men’s and women’s food collection and preparation tools, baskets and other objects, ceremonial regalia, and contemporary art influenced by long-held cultural traditions.

Karuk Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Julie Burcell, notes that the exhibit “illustrates the amazing cultural continuity between modern Karuk people and their ancestors. The exhibit will allow visitors to visualize important aspects of the Tribe’s culture and religion, but also emphasizes that the Tribe’s connection to its past is alive and well in modern communities all along the Klamath River.”

Unique to this museum exhibition is the wide-angle perspective of the Karuk culture: cultural botanists, forest ecologists, master basketweavers and artists, regalia makers, hunters, fisherman, and ceremonial dance leaders all contributed time and knowledge to the exhibition’s design.

Karuk elders, Tribal Council members, ceremonial leaders, artists, and Clark Museum and People’s Center staff worked together to highlight those aspects of Karuk life that have largely gone unchanged: the connection to the river and environment, ceremonies and spirituality, and artistry of diverse mediums.

Additionally, the Karuk language is found throughout the displays and explanatory texts, facilitating documentation of the indigenous language. Tribal member Julian Lang, editor of the exhibition’s catalogue, stated that this “is a perfect example of another goal of the exhibit: making the exhibit relevant and useful to tribal-efforts.”

The People’s Center is situated near the confluence of the Klamath River and Indian Creek in Happy Camp, at the location of ancestral village site athithúfvuunupma. The museum and cultural center of the Karuk Tribe is devoted to the preservation, promotion and celebration of Karuk history and language. The People’s Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am to 5 pm and closed for lunch from 1:00 to 1:30 pm.

The Tribe is sponsoring an opening reception for the museum’s special exhibit, Pi’êep Káru Payêem – Long ago and Today, on Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 1-3 pm. Please RSVP at or contact (530) 493-1600, x. 2202. The exhibition runs through September 2013.

Katherine Crockett Dances In Happy Camp!

Wednesday we had a fantastic opportunity to see a world renown dancer Katherine Crockett from New York, when she isn’t dancing around the world.. Her mother, Charlotte Crockett, told about how she statted dancing at the age of four and some highlights on the way to becoming a solo dancer for Martha Graham Institute. Just watching the grace with which Katherine stood before us and told of her passion for dance was inspiring. Then she performed two very different; but both fascinating dances. The High schoolers and several from the community enjoyed the performance that was great!

Bigfoot Jamboree Schedule 2012

Bigfoot Jamboree 1012
Friday August, 31, 2012

5 pm Booths & Concessions open at the River Park
7 pm Bigfoot Queen Coronation & Drawing at the River Park Pavilion
9 pm Bigfoot Queens Dance at the River Park Pavilion
Music by the Traskdster D.J. Service
Park closes at Midnight

Saturday, September 1, 2012
7 AM 5K Run theme Blue & Gold
Wear your colors for fun!!
2nd Annual Coed SOFTBALL Tournament Al,l Weekend
between the Elementary School & The River Park

12 pm Booths and Concessions open at the River Park.
12 pm Bigfoot Arrives at the River Park
1 pm Richard Thomsen- Balloon art at the River Park
2 pm Kids Carnival Games at the River Park sponsored by Scott Valley Bank
507 Karoke provided by by Bill & Ellen Johnson
Sign up at 4:30 and singing starts at 5
7 pm Lawnmower Races Sponsored by ALMA at the Go Kart Track
7 pm Dance at the River park pavilion
Music by Genuine Draft Band
Park closes at Midnight

Sunday, September 2, 2012
7 to 10 am Pancake Breakfast at the Elementary School Gym
sponsored by the eighth grade class.
9:30 to 10:30 Parade Sign-up and Staging next to the Post office
11 am Parade Begins Them: Generations
Hwy 96 and Davis Road, west on Hwy 96 to Second Avenue
Grand Marshall: Rosie and Bob Bley
12 pm Booths & Concessions begin at the River Park
1:15 Parade Awards at the River Park Pavilion
1:30 pm Music by Lenny Green Singer/songwriter who now speculation in Bigfoot
River Park Pavilion
2:30 Music to be announced
3 pm Ducky Race
Accept Ducks all weekend long at the park. Floating of the ducks begins at 2nd Avenue Bridge and ducks float to Hwy 96 bridge. First duck to cross the shadow of bridge wins
$5 donation gives you a chance at
$100 first place
$ 75 second place
$ 50 third place
$ 25 fourth place.
4:30 pm Zucchini Contest
Bring your largest zucchini to the River Park Pavilion for judging
Is yours the biggest??
7 pm Lawn mower Races
Sponsored by the Outdoor Club at the Go Kart track
Park closes at 6 PM
Events and times subject to change, modification or cancellation.
No outside Alcoholic beverage allowed inside the park
No back packs or bicycles allowed inside the park
No dogs allowed inside the park not even if they are on a leach
No Alcohol will be sold after midnight in accordance with liquor license requirements.

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