After the Rain, Golden October Sunshine!!

by Judy E. Bushy Golden October sunshine has arrived in Happy Camp!! The rain and cooler weather has put a damper on the McCash Fire on the southwestern side of Happy Camp. As of Saturday, October 9th it is at 81% contained!! This relieved worries of the fire invading Happy Camp from the opposite side that it did last year! We are very grateful! THANKS TO ALL THE FIRE FIGHTERS< SUPPORT AND OTHER ESSENTIAL HEROES!! October is the Oktoberfest holiday in Germany. When Angelica Brown, a native German speaker, taught and was principal at Happy Camp High School, they sometimes held a October special event! When my youngest son was in the German Class at Happy Camp they were fundraising for a trip to Germany. It never came to be, which was a disappointment to the hard working students. When our family lived in New Glarus, Wisconsin they also celebrated October. They had a William Tell festival. It celebrated the story of William Tell being forced to use his crossbow to shoot an apple off the head of his son. He had refused to pay homage to a tyrant, and was forced to submit to this test of marksmanship, Later he assassinated the tyrant. Plays about this folk hero spread from Switzerland to Germany where they were very popular up to the Nazi era. However, Hitler banned them after an assassination attempt on his life in 1941.. The very first Oktoberfest was held on October 12, 1810. It was held to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (King Ludwig 1) to Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The wedding took place on October 12th, and a great horse race (to celebrate the marriage) was held a few days later on October 17th. The marriage was celebrated annually, and came to be known as Oktoberfest. Early Oktoberfest celebrations were held in October...but eventually moved to September. Oktoberfest has been held annually since 1810. It has been canceled a few times, due to wars, and once due to a major Cholera outbreak (1854)” according to Holidays Review. Wednesday October 6th is National Noodle Day but I hesitate to suggest that you celebrate noodles. It’s also walk or bike to school day, and there won’t be that opportunity to most students in Happy Camp Schools this year. Next Monday, will be a holiday for banks and post office, traditionally called Columbus Day but more recently adopted as Indigenous Peoples Day; the only day off work this month, Some sources say Halloween is the most popular holiday and falls on Sunday October 31st this year. I’ve heard that there’ll be a great Trunk n’ Treat event down on Washington Avenue for that occasion. There’s plenty of dressing up in costumes, and having a party, The main emphasis is mostly the candy and sweet treats! Following day is All Saints Day traditionally, The beginning of Native American Month is celebrated. November is also the beginning of NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writer’s Month, for those of you who didn’t get your memoir of childhood memories in Happy Camp written in July NaNoWriMo Camp. Are you working on a memoir, or do you have a book in mind that you’d like to write? The Committee to show our Veterans Appreciation by a dinner on November 11th is active. Donations from the Seiad Store, Kingfisher Marker and the Karuk Tribe have been received and plans are progressing. If you know a veteran who we could include in this appreciation, please let us know!! We’d like to include all veterans from Klamath River, all along the Highway 96 communities to Orleans. Then the Holiday Season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years comes! We’ve already gotten several catalogs in the mail for Christmas decorations. That materialistic part of Christmas isn’t the real meaning that makes it a wonderful holiday. Christmas is the season of joy, gift giving and families together celebrating the birth of baby Jesus in a Bethlehem stable. Helen Steiner Rice said, “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.

Homecoming Time at Camp High!!

Cheers for Happy Camp
by Judy E. Bushy
It’s time for Homecoming! You may see students (or staff as well)dressed like the 70’s for Hippy Day on Monday!
Tuesday is Redneck Day. Now what will be the students dress like for that occasion? Powder puff game will be 5:30 to 6:30 at the High School Field dedicated to John Kufner.
Wednesday is EMO Day. there will also be Volley Buff gave 5:30 – 6:30 at the Hokanson Gymnasium at the High School.
Come Thursday, everyone can wear the Blue and Gold.
Fourth Period there will be a Pep Rally. 6 pm is the time for a Volleyball game. After the games crowning and then 5th quarter at the High School.

Now we all need to learn to sing this song:
Through the land of timbered mountains, tall and bold and green
Flows the mighty Klamath River, Beauty to be seen.
Sing this song now sing it proudly
Praise to learning’s lamp
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail to Happy Camp

Our old town with storied legends, tales of golden quest
Add our own school to the legends, School we love the best
Sing this song now sing it proudly
Praise to learning’s lamp
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail to Happy Camp

Linda Kufner , Cheri Titus Shortt and Beth Orrell Mitchell told of how they sang it all the time at Happy Camp High! Now who will sing this for us, so we know the tune?
And who wrote the song, and the words? when did the song get lost so that it hasn’t been sung lately??

YAH!! Monday August 9th is Book Lovers Day!! Happy Camp’s branch Library is at 148 Buckhorn Road, in Happy Camp, CA and open Wednesday afternoon, thanks to Vicki Phillips and other volunteers! We love our library! You can find books, audiobooks, movies and even use a computer at the Happy Camp Library. Plan to stop in from 12 noon to 6 p.m.on a Wednesday. To request a book or for further information, call the library at 530-493-2964.

Happy Camp History 93 years ago on August 5th

From Happy Camp History by Judy E. Bushy

Little Log Haven In the Hills – built August 5, 1928

By Rev Dr. Leon L. Loofbourow (published in Search of God’s Gold 1950)
We have all read of the original John Wesley running three times around the Charter House school quadrangle each morning to build up his weak body. But have you heard of one, John Wesley, who won the 462 mile marathon race from San Francisco’s City Hall to Grants Pass, Oregon?
In 1927 the Redwood Empire Association, as its advertising feature, planned an Indian marathon race over the Redwood Highway. Of eleven entrants, two boys from our Methodist work on the Klamath River won first and second places. John Wesley Southard received first award for completing the race in less than a week—as I remember it, in 6 days, 23 hours and 16 minutes.
This particular John Wesley story begins a century ago when the California gold rush, like the Kingdom of Heaven, gathered all kinds. He sought his fortune far down the Klamath River. I have never heard how much “dust” he acquired. But he married an Indian woman, And when the placers played out, unlike most of the miners, he stayed by his family on the Klamath. Their oldest son was named Lee in loyalty to the great Christian captain of the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee.
I was guest one night in the Lee Southard home. (We were trying our luck for bear next day.) At family prayers my host brought out his Bible and some old Moody and Sankey songbooks. I thought I would try out the family knowledge of the Scriptures, so suggested we repeat together instead of reading. All went well with all the group through Psalm 23. Some of the circle were uncertain on Psalm 1. But Mr. Southard and I kept going until I thought it wise to call our Bible marathon a tie, and we prayed. Bur it made me realize that “Forty-niner John Wesley did not leave his religion in Louisiana—he had “taught it diligently” to his son. The Lee Southards named their first born John Wesley for his grandfather.

1927 Marathon 1st “Mad Bull” (Johnny Southard) 2nd Flying Cloud (Henry Thomas who won 1928)

In the Redwood Empire Marathon the newspapers thought they must have “heap big Injun names” for the runners, so a waiting world was informed that MAD BULL won the race. Mad Bull was only the way the papers featured John Wesley Southard son of School District Trustee-Church School Superintendent Lee Southard, grandson of “Forty-niner John Wesley Southard”. Months later I heard that a brother of John’s died and wrote to the family…
The next summer the log church at Happy Camp was built, its nearest meeting house neighbor being 75 miles away. The first service in it was the memorial for his boy who “never had a chance of religious training further than what his mother and I taught him.”

Mr & Mrs Lee Southard with baby Johnny and Mary Louise

Note from Mrs. Bushy: That service mentioned by Pastor Loofbourow was 93 years ago on August 5, 2028.They sang “old hymns of faith” as they met together under the stars that evening. While the log walls were up, there was no roof yet. This is an account of the circuit riding preacher Dr. Leon L Loofbourow who came to Happy Camp as soon as a road came through to Happy Camp, and it didn’t go any further yet at that time either!! He came because he had a vision for building a Gospel witness here to show that God is at work in Happy Camp.
The “Little Log Chapel in the Hills”, now is the home of the Happy Camp Bible Church, 64301 Second Avenue in Happy Camp. Pastor Stan and Virginia Poeschel have recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary–39 years spent serving in Happy Camp at the Happy Camp Bible Church.

60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated at Bible Church

Stan & Virginia Poeschel 60th Anniversary

By Judy E. bushy June 25, 2021
Sunday was a celebration at the Happy Camp Bible Church. The church congregation, friends and family from here and far (even Washington State) gathered for a potluck dinner for the celebration of 60th Wedding Anniversary!

Stan and Virginia Poeschel have been a part of the Happy Camp community 39 years. It was that long ago, in 1982 Stan Poeschel became pastor of the Bible Church.

Stan and Virginia met at church. After high school Virginia left for a year at Prairie Bible Institute in Canada. She returned to marry Stan. Then the Lord led Stan to enroll in Prairie Bible Institute as well. They both continued their education there.

The log church building housing the Bible Church on Second Avenue was built by members of the community nearing a hundred years ago. Rev. Dr. Leon L. Loofbourow came to Happy Camp as soon as the road came through this far. Previous to that , Happy Camp was reached by pack train and horseback and it took more than one day to make the trip to Yreka. A stopover in Hamburg was usually part of the trip.

Rev. Loofbourow was a Circuit Riding Preacher, like John Wesley who began the Methodist denomination, but was also an outdoorsman,. He left accounts in his records going bear hunting with the Southard Family.

Rev Knutson mentioned the building in a letter. He grew up in the Scott Valley parsonage, and later served as pastor in Horse Creek. Knutson recalls playing with a bunch of PK’s (Pastor’s kids) when their families came to help with the log church building, camping along Indian Creek.. As with many of our Happy Camp buildings, land was donated, Logs from the airport area were cut and prepared, and the community members contributed time and labor to make the church rise.

But back to the present day, dinner, with everyone bringing something to add to the menu and great fellowship ensued. Stan hast been Pastor of the Bible Church for 39 years as pastor, faithfully teaching and preaching the Word of God for the longest times any pastor has served the Happy Camp Church.

Father’s Day at the Klamath River Community Hall

Happy Fathers Day!

The Klamath River Community Hall is also planning a good time for Father’s Day. In the meantime exciting new things are happening there! Changes are taking place at the Community Hall! The kitchen has been updated and improved thanks to the Lawrence family! Lara Amara is updating the lovely shelves of books they have with a beautiful new library space. Next will be a space for community bulletin board!

Thank you to Everyone who supports and donates to the Hall. It is much appreciated and Missy hopes to see you all at our Father’s Day especially if you want to take the Horseshoe challenge! There will be a special Father’s Day Breakfast/Brunch and a Flea Market!! The Klamath River neighbors don’t need to sign up, just come and it’s $10 a space to set up your table or pop-up.

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