Fun, Food & Live Music at the River Park Sunday

Therese Thomas in the beautiful tie-dye t-shirt available for sale as well as more from food to soaps, at the River Park event

by Judy E. Bushy
The River Park will be site of fun, food, music and good discussion on Sunday. Especially since her accident last Wednesday, Therese is looking forward to sharing with all those who have so generously helped her to her recovery and accomplishments since becoming a part of our community. This Sunday the Evergreen Enrichment Center will be sponsoring the “Original Jefferson Springtime JAM. “ The event will begin Sunday at 9 a.m. at the River Park in Happy Camp.

You Cribbage Players are welcome to come at 9:00 and play in the Cribbage Tournament. Best of three games wins the Happy Camp Championship and a cash award!!

“How one person can make a difference?” will be the first topic of the day at ten o’clock by Guest Speaker Terry Sheen? Terry has an outreach to homeless and incarcerated youth in Trinity County. (Did you know Happy Camp was originally in Trinity county but borders moved and Siskiyou County is the fourth it has been part of!)

At 11 o’clock Guest Speaker Dr. Ken Campos will be speaking at the Pavilion. He will be addressing needs of mentally ill family and friends and their caregivers most of all. Dr Ken Campos is a Distinguished Life Fellow in the American Psychiatric Association Dr Ken Campos at this time in his mental health career is focused on Severe Mental illness and dual diagnosis care, treatment, and support of the family caregivers.

Dr. Campos studied and trained at Caltech in Pasadena to be a research scientist, then went to medical school in San Diego, followed by psychiatry residency training in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic.
Before his 20 years in clinical work, he did basic research at NIH, National Institutes of Health. Then got into his love for the care of severely mentally ill patients.

He started a non-profit SchizoPhrenia Care Project organization to support and educate both people with severe mental illness and their caregivers. The SP-Care mission includes the second goal to provide holistic residential support for those living with schizophrenia and people who hear voices

As a podcaster for family caregivers of someone living with mental illness, his podcast is “HOPE: On the Other Side of the Door.” It is addressing needs of severe mentally ill and their caregivers.

One O’clock n the afternoon a forum will be held on Slater fire. Survivors will share stories of loss and our future steps for HAPPY CAMP! All Slater Fire Survivors will want to come to this forum!

There will be music, too! Todd Gilbert Local Happy Camp Jazz Musician will delight us with his Ukulele.
Arvel Bird, Native American Violinist and storyteller, in REGALIA is driving all the way from Arizona to Happy Camp. Her presentation will be at 4 p.m.

Raffle drawing will be held 6:15 just before the Sweet and Juicy Dance Band from Portland, for an ecstatic Dance Party.
Vendors and other opportunities will be available during the day, until t’s time for Park Cleanup and recycling.
For further information text 530-7398949 or email

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