Happy Camp Couple Escapes Home Fire

For one family of Happy Camp, the past week has been a nightmare.

Last Wednesday Jerry and Wendy King returned from town, when flames shot out of an outlet in the bathroom of their home. Quickly the home was engulfed in flames.

They escaped, but only barefoot with the clothes on their backs! Their dogs were rescued, but by the time a cat ran out it, cats and goat in the yard didn’t survive.

King Family home at Bear Cove Cabin 9  burned

King family home at Bear Cove Cabin 9 burned

Can you imagine if you lost everything in your home; clothes, dishes, wallet and so many other things, the immensity of the loss!! Red Cross helped them with a few days at the Angler’s Klamath River Resort Inn, but where to go from here needs to be sorted out.

The Kings have been managers of the Bear Cove Cabins at the old laundromat property since 2004 and lived there a few years before that. How tremendously helpful they were to us when my husband, Dan’s, tumor behind his right eye demanded frequent trips and months of daily radiation and chemotherapy in Sacramento.

They took care of our two dogs, and kept us informed as I tried to rush back and forth to manage things here while being with Dan staying at UC Davis. They were good neighbors when we needed help.

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend, it has been difficult for them to find the direction their life will take at this time or even find a place of shelter to sort it all out for the coming days. I just know our community will lend them a helping hand at this time, and keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

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