James Simmons & Dante Gjordanengo Achieve Eagle Scout

by Judy Bushy
Great accomplishment in becoming Eagle Scouts was celebrated in Yreka Saturday. The forty-ninth and fiftieth boys go from childhood to becoming men who are trustworthy, thrifty, loyal, cheerful, strong, brave, kind, clean, courteous, reverent, friendly, helpful and obedient leaders!! Troop 57 has had 50 become Eagles Scouts in the past 63 years!!

James Simmons from Seiad Valley is number 49 and Dante Giordanengo is number 50. It was a great day for the Troop and yet rather sad as they will be parting for awhile until more boys and leaders begin again.

It was great to see Tim Wilhite, Jerry & Tammy Schumacher from Happy Camp. Dan especially enjoyed seeing Jim (and Georgie) Blanchard, who was such a help to Dan mentoring him in fire camp supply.

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