Monday Accident on Elk Fire Complex

By Judy Bushy

The news on the Elk Fire Complex had particularly encouraged those involved because of only minor injuries. An amazing feat, since the fires are in steep isolated terrain that in some cases is very treacherous. Fire fighters are working in one of the most dangerous of professions. Today, however, the news has come that this morning shortly after ten oclock, a type 2 helicopter went down in the Norcross Area. Officials have confirmed that there was a fatality.

When the threat of wildfire comes against a community, we cheer and thank the firefighters who come in to save our town, our homes, and perhaps the lives of many in the face of wildfire. Sometimes in the fighting of the fire, some even loose their lives. Our heroes are not invincible. Perhaps that is why they are our heroes, knowing the risks, they gave their all in trying to protect people in a remote community.

Our thoughts and prayers go out for the family and friends of the helicopter crew. If we could, we would give them a collective hug from the whole community. We had hoped that such a sad tragedy would not occur here. It has been a somber day in Happy Camp.


  • DJ

    I cannot tell you how incredibly sad we were to hear of a fatality. Our hearts go out to the pilot and his family of course, and also to everyone in Happy Camp and in the Forest Service, and to everyone else involved with these fires. The firefighters are truly brave heroes, but it is so terrible when they must pay with their lives. May the horror soon be over.

  • Maria Garzino

    To the family and loved ones of the pilot that was lost, my heart is heavy with the burden of your loss and my prayers are with you…..there seems no way to express what needs to be said…..when someone gives their life in the pursuit of helping others so that they may not suffer it is purest form of what is heroic. My tears fall tonight, and, my heart finds itself being lifted from the depths tonight – that such a living soul was upon this earth is a great thing. I am sorry, so very sorry, for your loss.

  • michelle

    thank you very much to all you brave souls out their who do the most dangerous and heroic of jobs, my deepest of sympathys to the family of such a great hero who has fallen.god bless

  • James R Corey

    Thank you for letting me join in offering condolences to the family of the pilot who was killed in the line of duty yesterday.
    I don’t know how to console the family, but I am praying for them, and the one I pray to knows what they need. God bless you all, and may your hearts be comforted in the thought that your beloved aviator was doing what he was called to do, and he loved it.

    God bless,

  • Mooch

    Thank you all who have come to Happy Camp to join in the effort to keep the fires from burning our town. May God Bless you all. You have left your own homes & families to come here and have sacraficed so much. One has given his life for us. There are not enough words to say how sorry we are for your loss. You are in our prayers and may God comfort you.
    We hope you all can come to our town again under better circumstances.
    God Bless You

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