Musical Addition to Holiday Dinner

Wainwrights music, Holiday Dinner in Happy Camp

Much to the enjoyment of the Christmas Eve Dinner guests, the Wainwright family from Happy Camp provided a musical backdrop.

Thanks to Karen Derry, Nadine and the staff and volunteers at the Family Resource Center who put on the Community Dinner on December 24th. Papa Tiraterra was a special hit, and the Wainwright family, Jim, Cheryl, Laura (Senior at State University) as well as a friend from Canada, who played and sang during the meal.

It was especcially good to see some of the students who have been away from Happy Camp for further education who returned for the holidays – Andrew Bley, Craig Reece and Laura Wainwright among them.

Thank you to all the volunteers who cooked, baked, served and cleaned up after the community dinner.

Carol and Kyle did the dishes!

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