Happy Camp History 93 years ago on August 5th

From Happy Camp History by Judy E. Bushy

Little Log Haven In the Hills – built August 5, 1928

By Rev Dr. Leon L. Loofbourow (published in Search of God’s Gold 1950)
We have all read of the original John Wesley running three times around the Charter House school quadrangle each morning to build up his weak body. But have you heard of one, John Wesley, who won the 462 mile marathon race from San Francisco’s City Hall to Grants Pass, Oregon?
In 1927 the Redwood Empire Association, as its advertising feature, planned an Indian marathon race over the Redwood Highway. Of eleven entrants, two boys from our Methodist work on the Klamath River won first and second places. John Wesley Southard received first award for completing the race in less than a week—as I remember it, in 6 days, 23 hours and 16 minutes.
This particular John Wesley story begins a century ago when the California gold rush, like the Kingdom of Heaven, gathered all kinds. He sought his fortune far down the Klamath River. I have never heard how much “dust” he acquired. But he married an Indian woman, And when the placers played out, unlike most of the miners, he stayed by his family on the Klamath. Their oldest son was named Lee in loyalty to the great Christian captain of the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee.
I was guest one night in the Lee Southard home. (We were trying our luck for bear next day.) At family prayers my host brought out his Bible and some old Moody and Sankey songbooks. I thought I would try out the family knowledge of the Scriptures, so suggested we repeat together instead of reading. All went well with all the group through Psalm 23. Some of the circle were uncertain on Psalm 1. But Mr. Southard and I kept going until I thought it wise to call our Bible marathon a tie, and we prayed. Bur it made me realize that “Forty-niner John Wesley did not leave his religion in Louisiana—he had “taught it diligently” to his son. The Lee Southards named their first born John Wesley for his grandfather.

1927 Marathon 1st “Mad Bull” (Johnny Southard) 2nd Flying Cloud (Henry Thomas who won 1928)

In the Redwood Empire Marathon the newspapers thought they must have “heap big Injun names” for the runners, so a waiting world was informed that MAD BULL won the race. Mad Bull was only the way the papers featured John Wesley Southard son of School District Trustee-Church School Superintendent Lee Southard, grandson of “Forty-niner John Wesley Southard”. Months later I heard that a brother of John’s died and wrote to the family…
The next summer the log church at Happy Camp was built, its nearest meeting house neighbor being 75 miles away. The first service in it was the memorial for his boy who “never had a chance of religious training further than what his mother and I taught him.”

Mr & Mrs Lee Southard with baby Johnny and Mary Louise

Note from Mrs. Bushy: That service mentioned by Pastor Loofbourow was 93 years ago on August 5, 2028.They sang “old hymns of faith” as they met together under the stars that evening. While the log walls were up, there was no roof yet. This is an account of the circuit riding preacher Dr. Leon L Loofbourow who came to Happy Camp as soon as a road came through to Happy Camp, and it didn’t go any further yet at that time either!! He came because he had a vision for building a Gospel witness here to show that God is at work in Happy Camp.
The “Little Log Chapel in the Hills”, now is the home of the Happy Camp Bible Church, 64301 Second Avenue in Happy Camp. Pastor Stan and Virginia Poeschel have recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary–39 years spent serving in Happy Camp at the Happy Camp Bible Church.

60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated at Bible Church

Stan & Virginia Poeschel 60th Anniversary

By Judy E. bushy June 25, 2021
Sunday was a celebration at the Happy Camp Bible Church. The church congregation, friends and family from here and far (even Washington State) gathered for a potluck dinner for the celebration of 60th Wedding Anniversary!

Stan and Virginia Poeschel have been a part of the Happy Camp community 39 years. It was that long ago, in 1982 Stan Poeschel became pastor of the Bible Church.

Stan and Virginia met at church. After high school Virginia left for a year at Prairie Bible Institute in Canada. She returned to marry Stan. Then the Lord led Stan to enroll in Prairie Bible Institute as well. They both continued their education there.

The log church building housing the Bible Church on Second Avenue was built by members of the community nearing a hundred years ago. Rev. Dr. Leon L. Loofbourow came to Happy Camp as soon as the road came through this far. Previous to that , Happy Camp was reached by pack train and horseback and it took more than one day to make the trip to Yreka. A stopover in Hamburg was usually part of the trip.

Rev. Loofbourow was a Circuit Riding Preacher, like John Wesley who began the Methodist denomination, but was also an outdoorsman,. He left accounts in his records going bear hunting with the Southard Family.

Rev Knutson mentioned the building in a letter. He grew up in the Scott Valley parsonage, and later served as pastor in Horse Creek. Knutson recalls playing with a bunch of PK’s (Pastor’s kids) when their families came to help with the log church building, camping along Indian Creek.. As with many of our Happy Camp buildings, land was donated, Logs from the airport area were cut and prepared, and the community members contributed time and labor to make the church rise.

But back to the present day, dinner, with everyone bringing something to add to the menu and great fellowship ensued. Stan hast been Pastor of the Bible Church for 39 years as pastor, faithfully teaching and preaching the Word of God for the longest times any pastor has served the Happy Camp Church.

Father’s Day at the Klamath River Community Hall

Happy Fathers Day!

The Klamath River Community Hall is also planning a good time for Father’s Day. In the meantime exciting new things are happening there! Changes are taking place at the Community Hall! The kitchen has been updated and improved thanks to the Lawrence family! Lara Amara is updating the lovely shelves of books they have with a beautiful new library space. Next will be a space for community bulletin board!

Thank you to Everyone who supports and donates to the Hall. It is much appreciated and Missy hopes to see you all at our Father’s Day especially if you want to take the Horseshoe challenge! There will be a special Father’s Day Breakfast/Brunch and a Flea Market!! The Klamath River neighbors don’t need to sign up, just come and it’s $10 a space to set up your table or pop-up.

Heatwave; shouldn’t deter your attending Civic Meetings!

by Judy E. bushy
Last week’s over 100 temperatures “threw us for a loop.” Wasn’t sure what that old phrase means. So looked it up and found it was a term referring to the sport of boxing, to throw (someone) for a loop definition is to cause (someone) to be very amazed, confused.

It complicated travel to five medical appointments in six days, and needing more water for keeping hydrated, Surprisingly, it was hotter at home in the evening (108 degrees) than we had noticed for our Redding VA Clinic appointment during the day on Tuesday.

It made us want to stay home and “live” down by the creek” where we could cool our toes in the cool water all the time! It also made us very grateful for air conditioning in our car!!

The ride to and from appointments was beautiful! The River trees are still a vibrant green and the cool river inviting. The deer were out in greater numbers than usual, we saw 10 on the road, and missed 9.
One managed to kick a little crack in the front bumper, but Ron & Roberta Lantow can fix that up. Even got a washed car at physical therapy, much appreciation to that cool wash off

We are so very blessed living along the Klamath River! The drive requires extreme vigilance due to wildlife and other driver’s. It’s not pleasant to come around a corner and see a vehicle on your side of the road and nowhere else to go!
There was an unusually lot of traffic that evening. Other’s who had traveled earlier mentioned how many times large trucks came racing around corners on the wrong side of the road. Gratefully, we didn’t have that fright and arrived home safely after dark.

I’ve been keeping some roses that survived the Slater Fire for a friend. They’re beginning to bloom and those first couple of roses, pink and red, were such a joy! So is all the green coming up all around against the charred black burned areas!

The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch meets second Monday of the month at the Partner’s Deli at 5:30. This meeting is an important update on the crime prevention efforts of our community. Surely, our community is eager to keep all of our neighbors safe from all sorts of crime.
We appreciate Deputy Gabe Garrison and the Karuk Housing Authority Security officer Randy White who update us on prevention.. Dan Effman provides a place for meeting and Robin serves as secretary/treasurer for which we are very grateful.. ?
This will also be Flag Day, for you who have flags to fly. Former President Trump’s birthday will bring him to 75 years old on the same day.

Have you volunteered?

The Happy Camp Community Services District will meet on Wednesday at the Happy Camp Community Center 34 Park Avenue. Besides providing our community with water. the also provide street lights and our parks for recreation!!

Original Jefferson Springtime Jam; Great Food, Music & Fun!

Summer, Stormy & Cheyanne  had fabulous soaps!!

Summer, Stormy & Cheyanne had fabulous soaps!!

Happy Camp River Park was the scene of the Original Jefferson Springtime Jam. There was fun and live music, speakers and food. Therese Thomas has put on a JSM Just-A-Memory for several years but with the Evergreen Enrichment Center there was so much more! Cribbage Tournament started at 9 am and ran all morning with Dinah Sulipeck-Hicks and Yukon Sakota dueling out the competition for the top prize. People were also playing Frisbee and horseshoes as well throughout the day.

When I stopped to admire Stacy Hatcher’s painting canvas tablecloth at the Pavilion she just said I missed the children. And indeed, many of them took off in the afternoon for a dip in a cool creek on such a hot day.

I missed the message of Terry Sheen on “How can one person make a difference?” But some were enjoying conversation with him later in the day as well. Terry has an outreach to homeless persons and incarcerated youth in next door Trinity County.

Dr. Ken Campos came to speak on the needs of mentally ill family and friends and their caregivers and came a long distance from Southern California for this opportunity to share with us.

In last week’s column, I said there would be fun mood music and good discussion Sunday at the Park. The typographical error, mood was supposed to be food, wasn’t caught in the spell check! There was a lot of good food from pulled pork sandwiches to vegetarian chili

Arvel Bird made music and told us stories and Kathy accompanied on a special drum!

The afternoon had a cheerful friendly mood too. Arvel Bird, Native American (& Scottish) violinist and storyteller came, the music set such a good mood as well. He has proficiency in so many types of music, some set your feet a tapping, and some, like “Dark Horse,” more pensive. His CDs vary from “Red River Jig” to Celtic music, s variety of metis, Indigenous tribes and European tunes! His stories were mostly from tribal storytelling and fascinating history. He also made music with drums and pipes. Karen Reedstrom also played drum and did some solo numbers. KAREN PLAYED A NATIVE American flute called a grandfather flute.

Wasn’t even singing the Red Hawk Totem, but a red tailed hawk circled above. He did speak of beloved wolf, and the song was “Wolf totem”. He shared how he has played for wolf sanctuaries. He said that the wolf taught indigenous how to work together, for community. Although there’s an alpha male and female there are other’s who lead a hunt, scout for game and everyone has a job., and didn’t take that of another. Wolves mate for life and raise the pups together.

Then the Sweet & Juicy Band from Portland came to the stage.

Sweet & Juicy Band was in costume; Banana, Pineapple and Tomato played!!

The banana was guitarist and singing, the pineapple played the drums and the tomato on keyboard. What fun! What great music too! You could enjoy the music in the pavilion, or sitting on the grass beneath a shade tree with your pup by your side, but enjoy it for sure! The audience was bright, the event was making available a bright tie dye t-shirt, or red, for the Evergreen Enrichment Center.

Stormy, Summer and Cheyenne were there with their handmade soaps, with fantastic fragrances and beautiful colors. I couldn’t resist a sniff of the Orange blossom special with pineapple decor, and it was hard to decide. (You read of the Siskiyou Soaps in last issue of Siskiyou News.)

Wish there was more space to tell you of the wonderful stories of the day, and what fun it was to father together, meet new friends and enjoy the music and fun! One person said the music was ‘awesome, super and super cool” so you know they must have liked it.

. I don’t know if there will be a Karuk Reunion this summer, but surely hope so. There will be other celebrations and gatherings and Bigfoot Jamboree is coming September 3-5th Well, time to say “So long” for now, but looking forward to sharing lots of great things with you this summer along the beautiful wild Klamath River.

Fun, Food & Live Music at the River Park Sunday

Therese Thomas in the beautiful tie-dye t-shirt available for sale as well as more from food to soaps, at the River Park event

by Judy E. Bushy
The River Park will be site of fun, food, music and good discussion on Sunday. Especially since her accident last Wednesday, Therese is looking forward to sharing with all those who have so generously helped her to her recovery and accomplishments since becoming a part of our community. This Sunday the Evergreen Enrichment Center will be sponsoring the “Original Jefferson Springtime JAM. “ The event will begin Sunday at 9 a.m. at the River Park in Happy Camp.

You Cribbage Players are welcome to come at 9:00 and play in the Cribbage Tournament. Best of three games wins the Happy Camp Championship and a cash award!!

“How one person can make a difference?” will be the first topic of the day at ten o’clock by Guest Speaker Terry Sheen? Terry has an outreach to homeless and incarcerated youth in Trinity County. (Did you know Happy Camp was originally in Trinity county but borders moved and Siskiyou County is the fourth it has been part of!)

At 11 o’clock Guest Speaker Dr. Ken Campos will be speaking at the Pavilion. He will be addressing needs of mentally ill family and friends and their caregivers most of all. Dr Ken Campos is a Distinguished Life Fellow in the American Psychiatric Association Dr Ken Campos at this time in his mental health career is focused on Severe Mental illness and dual diagnosis care, treatment, and support of the family caregivers.

Dr. Campos studied and trained at Caltech in Pasadena to be a research scientist, then went to medical school in San Diego, followed by psychiatry residency training in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic.
Before his 20 years in clinical work, he did basic research at NIH, National Institutes of Health. Then got into his love for the care of severely mentally ill patients.

He started a non-profit SchizoPhrenia Care Project organization to support and educate both people with severe mental illness and their caregivers. The SP-Care mission includes the second goal to provide holistic residential support for those living with schizophrenia and people who hear voices

As a podcaster for family caregivers of someone living with mental illness, his podcast is “HOPE: On the Other Side of the Door.” It is addressing needs of severe mentally ill and their caregivers.

One O’clock n the afternoon a forum will be held on Slater fire. Survivors will share stories of loss and our future steps for HAPPY CAMP! All Slater Fire Survivors will want to come to this forum!

There will be music, too! Todd Gilbert Local Happy Camp Jazz Musician will delight us with his Ukulele.
Arvel Bird, Native American Violinist and storyteller, in REGALIA is driving all the way from Arizona to Happy Camp. Her presentation will be at 4 p.m.

Raffle drawing will be held 6:15 just before the Sweet and Juicy Dance Band from Portland, for an ecstatic Dance Party.
Vendors and other opportunities will be available during the day, until t’s time for Park Cleanup and recycling.
For further information text 530-7398949 or email magicalplus13@gmail.com

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