Remembering Happy Campers

Today  I was just going back and re-reading some stories on Happy Camp News, and I happened on the Letters to the Editor page. I found the letter I wrote to the entire town two years ago and it is still as true as it was when I wrote it. My wife and I have run off to be with our other children and to be closer to family during our time of loss. However, we have not found any more support here than we had from our good neighbors and friends in Happy Camp. Happy Camp is a place that will stay in my heart always and I am still just as grateful to all the wonderful people who live there as I was when I wrote that letter in the first place.

Someday the world will know about Happy Camp and realize that despite it’s problems, it has a wonderful and pure heart. God bless all of you. My family and myself send our love.

Bob (JavaBob) Schmalzbach

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