Scott Valley Bank Chili Challenger

It’s that time again! The 11th annual Chili Cook off will be held Saturday, June 14th at the beautiful Happy Camp River Park under the Pavilion. As in the past, we will be preparing chili at the park, so tables will be set up at 9:30 A. M.  You can begin to cook anyting after that. Judging will start about 12:30 or as soon as all the contestants are ready.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes.

There will also be the 4th annual Salsa Contest, separately from the Chili Contest.

Contestants will be voting for the best chili and Salsa. All entries must be received by June 9th so we are able to make arrangements for prizes. Rules are available at the Happy Camp Branch of the Scott Valley Bank,  Highway 96 in Happy Camp.


  • I’m sorry to say I have to work that day. I’ve been to the Chili Cook-off before and had SO much fun. I loved tasting all the salsas.

  • unknown

    was hoping you had something on here regarding graduation night! It probably wont be a bad idea to do a event calender for the community. The event calender will bring people to HC like for the upcoming biker rally, Bigfoot Jamboree, etc. draw attention it might help.

    CHECK on the right for the community calendar, as soon as we can stop the program from giving us two events every entry!! Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Wyndi

    I would like to know if Happy Camp was endanger during this crazy fire season? I lived in your cozy little town had such great times there and met very friendly people. Sometimes I wonder if anyone still lives there. {1965} Pat,Bev,Ruth,Shirley,the Stovall’s and Cantrell’s what a great group. Thanks Wyndi