Strange Creatures Spotted at Elk Creek Campground


Some odd things seem to be happening at Elk Creek Campground in Happy Camp. Since the September fires in the forests near the town, there have been reports of eerie lights and strange noises coming from a vacant travel trailer in the park. The managers, Ed & Jean Davenport have not been able to find anything unusual. However, a camper who asked not to be identified states that, “Strange creatures have been driven here from the forest by the fires.” Another camper states, “I make sure I’m in my rig by nightfall. I keep the lights on and don’t go outside, no matter what!”

The Davenports are concerned by the reports, but assure everyone that there is really nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they are inviting anyone 13 and older to come see for themselves. The campground will welcome your presence and provide a tour of the travel trailer to help calm your nerves. Their only ghoul (I mean goal) is to be sure all have a good time at the park.

Despite all the Davenports reassurances, certain of the Happy Camp High School Seniors state “they won’t go to the park.” There seems to be some real fright from these young adults despite their show of cool bravado and their strong denials to the contrary. It does seem odd that they would pass up free refreshments if they weren’t worried about showing their fright.

For the rest of you brave and curious souls, visit Elk Creek Campground & RV Park, 921 Elk Creek Road in Happy Camp, on Saturday, October 27th from dark until 10:30 p.m. Unlike a certain motel, they’ll be leaving the lights off for you! See you there!

— Elk Creek Press Release