Extreme Prospector from Happy Camp!!

Extreme Prospector
Authored by Dave McCracken of Happy Camp!

J.E. Bushy
Congratulations to Grace Bennett who was honored as the Citizen of the Year in Yreka recently.

One of the last times I saw Grace was at a Collier’s Information and Interpretive Meeting and they were brainstorming ideas for the name for the new California Welcome Center name that will be added to Collier’s title. One of those suggested was Extreme California, because it is located at the farthest north in California!! We have such extremely fun outdoor recreation, extreme hiking, extreme biking, extreme mountain climbing. Just everything seems to be the utmost extreme fun! People come to Happy Camp for the extreme fun of gold prospecting and treasure hunting.

This week I picked up a book about a man, well known in Happy Camp for his gold prospecting fame. Dave McCracken, also known as Dave Mack, founded the New 49ers Prospecting Club in the old Kevershan Drugstore Building in 1985! Dave is a well known authority of gold mining and gold dredging and has written a number of books on the subject.and videos.

The book that he has written @2012 is different from the previous instructional books. Extreme Prospector by Dave Mack is an exciting book about his adventures as a modern day gold and treasure hunter. The back cover blurb compares his adventures to Mission Impossible Action Stories, and suggests that the fact he has survived them all will leave you wondering if he has a whole army of guardian angels watching over his shoulder.

True to form, the book is dedicated to Dave’s friend and mentor, Sam Speerstra, who is likened to the fictional character Indiana Jones.
The introduction starts out with Dave and Rob Towner working along the bottom of the Klamath River with an 8 inch dredge. When they started moving a large boulder that neither Dave nor Rob could move themselves, you kind of hold your breath. Such action in strong currents can be hazardous. This occurred a number of years ago, so I’m sure logically I know they survived, but the telling of the tale keeps you hoping they do make it from this emergency!!

Dave talks about experiences growing up in a Navy family as the son of a submarine commander and homemaker with two brothers and a sister. Building a rowboat in the living room of their home enabled him to start a lobster business. That likely led to his being scuba qualified at 13 years of age. Due to his passion for boats and the water, his mother suggested seeing a Navy recruiter to see if there was any kind of diving program. There wasn’t. As they were leaving, the recruiter said in passing, there was a “Navy Seal” program-toughest, meanest men on the planet.

Dave’s account of the harrowing experiences of training is amazing. His class started with 58 men and only 8 survived to graduation. Reminded me of my husband’s helicopter pilot training when they “washed out” as many as they could You never knew if you’d be there another day let alone to finally get “your wings” and became a Warrant Officer! But piloting a helicopter training didn’t include drown proofing. only crashes!

At any rate, there were high adventures in the Seals, jumping ship and swimming against the tide to get Suzy Wong’s phone number, for instance. The adventure didn’t end when he left the mlitary.

He tells of being pursued by Royal Canadian Police, diving for rich diamond deposits in crocodile infested waters in the Amazon, and venturing to the far corners of the world to seek the gleaming gold nuggets and priceless gemstones.

In between he has information on gold, of course, the economy, and responsibilities of being the leader of a team; to the recent work up on the Rogue River, and back home on the Klamath.

Extreme Prospector by Dave Mack is available in hardcover at the New 49er Prospecting Club on Davis Road and also on the Internet.

Prepare NOW for Happy Camp’s Biggest Hometown Festival on Labor Day……..Bigfoot Jamboree!!


Don’t forget the Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch Meeting at the Log Schoolhouse on Monday, March 11th. This is an area that we all have a stake in keeping our children drug and alcohol free and keeping our community crime free! Deputy Nye has been a great help and volunteers are needed as are those who will help take the next step at the coming meeting. Call Doreen for more information at FRC 493-5117

Happy Camp Coordinating Council, those hard working volunteers who plan the Bigfoot Jamboree for Labor Day will also be meeting at the Pizza House at 5:30 to make plans.

Narional Volunteer Week isn’t until April 21-27th and I remember when Eddie Davenport was president of the Chamber and each organization gave recognition to their top volunteers at a picnic in the River park. However, any time of year is a good time to thank all our volunteers!!

Whether it be the Grange, Chamber, Family Resource Center, Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch, or other organizations in Happy Camp; to have our community healthy and growing we all must pitch in and help out where we can.
Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed?
Or are you just contented that your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock?
Or do you stay at home to criticize and knock?
Do you take an active part to help the work along?
Or are you satisfied to only just belong?
Do you work with your committee and get right in and mix?
Or leave the work to just a few and talk about the cliques?
Think it over, member–you know right from wrong!
Are you an active member or do you just belong?

We’ll have news on the Monday’s meeting on the community page after the meeting.
Happy Camp Coordinating Councils news will be out on the bigfoot jamboree.com page after that meeting also.
Thank you for helping us keep others informed as you let us know what is happening. We appreciate your help in this way.

I apologize that the calendar is not working at present but it will be soon or we will go with a different format for the calendar. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Call Chamber 493-2900 weekday afternoons or leave a message on the machine for the next volunteer who comes in. Thank you to all our Klamath Neighbors!!

Chamber Minutes December 29, 2012

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce December 29, 2012

Dolly called the meeting to order at 1:15 pm on December 29, 2012.
Those present were Dolly Elston, James Buchner, Ron & Rosemary Boren and Judy Bushy. There was a quorum with four board members.

Judy read the previous minutes from October. James made motion that we accept the minutes as read, Rosemary 2nd the motion and it passed unanimously.

There was no Treasurer Report but the phone bill had been questioned in the October minutes. The unusual amount was a figure added for late payment. Karen Tulledo gifted the chamber with a phone card to call back to answer calls on the answering machine. It was suggested we look into a Magic Jack. In order to save on the electric bill it was suggested that we make a list of things to turn off before leaving the office, particularly the heater or air conditioner.

Committee Report on Rocking the Klamath. June 29th is the date and we need to pay to reserve the River Park for that day. James will invite the Spiral Kings and opening band. It suggested that the Chamber members be able to offer food booths for the normal charge for a booth, only members.

Dear Mad’m Days was held in October. Next year will be October 11-13. There was discussion on Organization to do Pancake breakfast and agreement beforehand. James made a motion that the Dear Mad’m Committee make decision on the Adopt a Highway program/signs, Rosemary 2nd it and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion. It was suggested we ask Norma Seaman and Linda Mutz if they would consider helping.

Community Tree Lighting was held in December
. The lights were not overly profuse and had not been improved last year. There was a suggestions we have a Christmas Tree at the office next year.
We have Cycle Friendly Stickers available for a $1 donation but they sent them before letting us know that a donation was required.

Membership for 2013 was discussed. Judy made a motion that we raise the Annual Membership Dues to $100, except for home businesses, nonprofits and retired individuals who would remain at $50, and prepare to send out renewals within the next few weeks. James seconded it and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

We appreciate Linda’s help on the Web pages. James made a motion that we renew happyampchamber.com, happycampchamber.org, Dear Mad’m and abandon Rollin on the River, and redirect them to happycampchamber.org. The codes and passwords for them will be kept in the Chamber office, Dolly 2nd the motions and the vote was unanimously in favor.

Facebook posts will continue to be made frequently with notices of things happening in the community and photos. Siskiyou Chamber Alliance is having a calendar of activities but must say what town the activity takes place.

New business: Javabob received a notice from Jefferson Backroads where 8 chamber members can contribute ads to a page for which the Chamber would pay $175 a month for three months Each individual ad would cost $25 so the Chamber would make a little on it. Since we didn’t think we had eight members willing to pay $75 we declined this opportunity at the present time.

James made a motion that we pay Sportsman’s Expo $112.50 for March event. Dolly 2nd and the vote unanimously approved it. We will need volunteers to sit at the booth in March on Saturday to help Judy and on Sunday to help Rosemary.

The Annual Report will include the Sportsman’s’ Expo, Art & Treasure Hunt, Rockin the Klamath, Dear Mad’m , Community Tree Lighting, Facebook and Web pages, volunteers, especially youth, and consignment in office, Troop packages, etc. it was decided that each board member would write about an event or accomplishment and e-mail it to Judy this week to be compiled to the Annual Report.

Rosemary made a motion that the next meeting will be Tuesday, February 5th at the office at 6 pm and the Tuesday, March 5th Annual Meeting will also be at the office at 6 with coffee and desserts. James 2nd the motion and the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Afterwards, we had forgotten to discuss ad in the Yearbook for Happy Camp High School. Cheyenne Moore wrote us a letter requesting we support the Yearbook with an ad. This year they are trying to make things simple with a business card size ad for $40 per business.

Judy Bushy

Friends for Lunch at the Pizza House

We had a very enjoyable lunch Sunday with Bill and Lynn who were visiting Happy Camp from Cape Cod with Geneva Kraus who worked summer before of 2011 for the Forest Service here.

It never ceases to amaze me how people come to Happy Camp from all across the country and how they enjoy the scenic drive that we take for granted. It helped that it was a beautiful sunny day.

We live in beautiful place and whatever the weather, it’s going to change soon!! With such beauty, and friendly neighbors who volunteer and help others in so many ways, we have much for which to be grateful.

Last Chance for Art Center Dinner Sizzle Nov. 16

by Judy Bushy
As the weather has gotten colder and we’ve had rain, seems like Happy Camp socialization has kicked into high gear. With the beauty of the red, orange and yellow leaves has given us plenty of beauty all around us. Every season has its own beauty out in the heart of the wilderness the rain is bringing down some of the leaves and that gives a good chance to get out in the bracing fresh air to rake them. We have a good supply of walnut leaves in our front yard, as the rain brought a whole new crop down the evening after my husband mowed!
It is almost as if the summer’s extra gardening chores, and the busy days of taking the kids to the creek to swim or down the river rafting kept us from getting together with our Klamath neighbors and we are making up for it.

There will be the last Art Dinner of the season Friday night, November 16th at 6. The Art Center is having its crazy delicious end of the year cozy indoor Sit Down Banquet–a spectacular one indeed!

As Alan says, “A Stellar atmosphere of candles and firelight and intellectual conversation with an eclectic music scape that will transform and amaze you plus, a dinner menu that will absolutely sizzle! Featuring Jon Grunbaum’s Fantastic Flank Steak Fajitas with hand made Guacamole , an esoteric collection of sensational Chips and Salsas combined with Florance Condos’ scrumptious Empanadas, slow cooked spice infused Black Beans and artfully executed Spanish Rice. With Susan Corum mixing an inspiring a variety of Drinks and Serena Conkey serving up her exceptional Deep Chocolate Cake for dessert its sure to be a night of delights!

Be sure to make reservations soon. They’re keeping the numbers down to the first 40 lucky folks. Tickets are only $20 (plus a chance to win a mystery door price) and remember all your donations are helping out the construction of the NEW ART CENTER!Call Alan at 530-493-5668.

For story of the Breast Cancer Awareness see Community page.

Veterans Appreciation Dinner was held last Friday also.

Artists and Craftspeople will want to get busy creating things for the Holiday Bazaars coming up December 12st. Both the Library and the Grange will have space for tables of wonderful wares of our Klamath Neighbors. Library event will be at the Karuk Community Center on 2nd Avenue and the Grange will be at the historic rock Grange Hall further west on 2nd Avenue. Time to plan and prepare, it will be here before you know it!!

Marble Mountain Gift Co is Grand prize for Parade Float!!

Grand Prize Winner: Marble Mountain Gift
by Judy Bushy
The grand prize for all of the floats and parade entries in the Bigfoot Jamboree parade was Marble Mountain Gift Co. float. For complete run down of the winners in the Parade click Community Page to the left.
Information on the princesses and Bigfoot Queen Bailei Allec on Yourh & Children page and more pictures on www. bigfootjamboree.com. thank you!

Katherine Crockett entertained at the High School in the opening weeks of school. Read more about her dancing career and visit to Happy Camp News.

The Klamath Writer’s Club with Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce started Dear Mad’m Day last year. Next month is the second annual Dear Dear Mad’m Symposium will be Peter and Elizabeth Lismer who will be with us to talk about (and autograph) their new biography of Stella W. Patterson, Dear Mad’m, Who Was She?

Bigfoot Byway update: October is usually the most beautiful time of Autumn to drive our Scenic Byways to Happy Camp. Someone, who had been in Happy Camp for many years, mentioned that they didn’t know that Highway 96 from Happy Camp to Willow Creek is the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, so more on that under Happy Camp History.

Lenny Green was here to sing at the Bigfoot Jamboree. Afterwards, he said, “We had a great time, despite the problems of my singing with so much smoke in the air. We hope to return same day next year.Happy Camp is kind of a very special place …. I know you must love it there. In case you missed it, I have placed a link to your Chamber at http://www.landofthebigfoot.com/byway.htm.
You know that the chamber is at happycampchamber.org but you will want to go there and hear Lenny sing about the Bigfoot Scenic Byway!

Thank you for your interest in Happy Camp. With the Goff Fire finally contained, skies have cleared. There is a crisp coolness these mornings, but the garden is still keeping us tremendously busy with beans, tomatoes, peppers and such! Such a bountiful harvest again this year. It’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy along the beautiful wild Klamath River.

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