Noted Author to speak at HCCF for Fathers day!

Sundays the Christian Fellowship meets at the Happy Camp Elementary School at 10:30. Father’s Day is no exception and all fathers are most welcome to join us in worship. The whole family is welcome!

We will also have a special guest, P.K. Halliman! P.K.has been with us before and he is the author and illustrator of more than 80 children’s books, with over 7,500,000 copies sold worldwide. P.K. first began writing and illustrating 35 years ago when his wife asked him to create a picture book as a Christmas gift for their two young sons.

One of Mr. Halliman’s most recent books, Heartprints, (“The impression left behind by a deliberate act of kindness”) has been adopted by schools across America for its value as a “character development” curriculum.

P.K. is an ordained minister and a nationally noted speaker, whose motivational assembly, Find A Hole and Fill It, has touched hundreds of thousands of lives. He lives with his wife, Jeanne, and three dogs, in the mountains above Ashland, Oregon. His latest book is for adults, A Life that Matters!

Come to Happy Camp for the Bigfoot Jamboree!

No one who has lived in Happy Camp long doubts that this is the biggest event of the year, Bigfoot Jamboree. This will be the 45th year of celebrating, although one canceled for wildfires and once Kids Daze occurred instead. This year’s Bigfoot Jamboree begins at 6 pm Friday evening with the booths and concessions open. The Bigfoot queen, Cassidy Little, will be crowned and her court of five princesses will be Bridget Koons, Abigail Eadie, Florence Peters, Summer Goodwin and Julia Peters. DJ Trackster will begin the dance at 9 until midnight when the park closes.

Saturday morning before the booths and concessions open in the River Park at 10 you can still get up bright and early and get pancakes for breakfast by the Cub Scouts. The Amazing Race will begin at 11 am and will continue until there is a winner. It’s $10 to enter but that will go for the prizes and t-shirts for contestants too! You may compete as a team which will come in very helpful to get smart people on your team to solve the riddles. Linda Zink and Lisa West of the Bigfoot Stores are arranging the races and it sure sounds like a lot of fun so you won’t want to miss the Amazing Race.

Chalk Art will occur at the Pavilion at 10:30 Saturday also. Drift Boat Poker Run is happening on the Klamath River at 11. For more information on the Drift Boat Poker Run give Jody Waddell a call. Smokey the Bear will visit all the good boys and girls at the park around noon with his Forest Service escort. At one o’clock at the Pavilion, Robert “Javabob” Schmalzbach and Linda Martin will be sharing aobut Bigfoot Research.

Saturday at 2 pm there will be kids games. The Salmon BBQ by the Karuk Boosters club will begin at 3 and at 5 will be the Talent Show. Glenn Rickles is arranging the talent and everyone can compete for the fun of it. Kim and Bill will provide Karoke at the Pavilion at 7 pm. Genuine Draft Band will take the stage until midnight with music to dance by. In the meantime the Outdoor Club will be over on the old Go Kart Track racing Lawnmowers at 7.

Sunday morning pancake breakfast will be at the Happy Camp Elementary School sponsored by the Family Resource Center who does so many good things in Happy Camp helping people and families and the whole community. Get your pancakes from 7 AM to 10 AM. Yum!

Parade sign up is at 9:39n to 10:30 so that the parade will be ready to start on Davis Road by 11 o’clock. The route of the parade will be lined with Happy Campers down Davis Road, west on Highway 96 to 3nd Avenue and then to the Bridge over Indian Creek. The theme is Wonderland. The judges will be evaluating all the floats and entries in the parade.

On Sunday the booths and concessions don’t open until noon after the parade and then there will be Cowboy Poetry by Bill Roberts. Hotdog Eating Contest will be sponsored by Elk Creek Campground at 1pm and fill the contestants up for lunch!! At 1:15 the awards for the Parade entries will be announced at 1:15 pm. Then there will be music by the Trail Prison Band.

Ducks will be available earlier at the Park and but they will begin their race down Indian Creek at the Bridge and proceed to the mouth of Indian Creek on the Klamath where the winner will be fished out of the water. Then there will be a Family Fun time with sack races, egg toss and hula hooping, and lots of activities just for the fun of it. When this has ended a very happy but busy day, the park will close at 6. If you still have energy left, go over to the Go Kart Race Track and enjoy another turn with the Lawn Mower races. All in all there’s a lot of fun things to do! Bring your family and friends and enjoy this very special weekend. Join us for Happy Camp’s Bigfoot Jamboree.

Annual Bigfoot Jamboree

ARTISTS ON THE RIVER: Gloria Chappelear

Gloria Chappelear Paintings

By Marilyn Townsend

Rivers inspire the hidden artist in ordinary people, proving they are not really ordinary. Or extraordinary people are irresistibly drawn to rivers to express their artistic natures, maybe both. My river is teeming with artists.
The Klamath is my river. I own the Klamath; the Klamath owns me. That’s how it goes. Let me tell you about an artist on my river.
Gloria Chappelear lives on the Klamath River. Right on it. When the river floods, her vegetable garden is under several feet of water. Since 1964, Gloria has lived on the Klamath and painted the woods, and trees, and people that surround her.
Gloria was born in 1934 in South Dakota, to a mother who was a painter, and father who farmed a rented section of land on the Sioux Indian Rosebud Reservation. There they farmed and raised seven daughters. Some of her mother’s paintings grace the walls of the house on the Klamath. Gloria attended the University of Iowa, majoring in art education.
She moved to Happy Camp in 1964, with two children, and three more children were added to her home. She has lived in Alturas, Tulelake, and Lake Tahoe, always returning to Happy Camp; even after a short time in Arizona, Happy Camp called her back.
During all this time, she painted, persevering even when one child tried to eat the yellow paint. She painted church nursery walls, and illustrations for church and Sunday school lessons. Gloria has taught art in the elementary school and was an art instructor for a while at COS.
She does plein-aire painting with her best friend Dian Hokanson, and paints from her own photographs, and photos borrowed from friends. Many of Gloria’s paintings are of the forest and individual trees, because “they’re always there.” But she paints portraits and rodeos, and zoo animals, and any subject that captures her spirit. The poet in her names the paintings. “Tenacious”, and “Old Timer” are trees, and “Modern Madonna” is her daughter with a grandchild.
Like many artists, Gloria has more than one area of expertise. One of her arts is woodworking. She builds her own furniture and carves it, and paints the carvings. No need to build something functional without making it also beautiful. And she improves on the gingerbread houses in the magazines because they forget to make the shingles overlap; being a woodworker she knows all shingles overlap!
As if this were not enough, she quilts, bakes her own bread, and makes the most delicious cookies. She raises her own vegetables, and keeps chickens for eggs.
When asked why she paints, she struggles with an answer. After talking about composition, and the path the eye travels with good composition, she finally says she paints “to remember things…because I love to.” And then it all comes out. With a feisty grin she says she paints because ”I’m gettin’ good at it!” That’s humility. She’s been more than good for decades. Now she is approaching her own standards of excellence, which are high indeed.

Marilyn Townsend can be contacted at
Gloria Chappelear can be contacted at
(530) 493-2713


Artists on the River: Gloria Chappelear

LOOK What’s Coming at the 2011 @ Bigfoot Jamboree!

2011 Bigfoot Jamboree, Happy Camp, CA

2911 Bigfoot Jamboree, Happy Camp, CA

Friday, September 3rd Bigfoot Jamboree begins

Booths and Concessions open at the Happy Camp River Park at 6 pm
Bigfoot Queen Coronation and Drawing at Happy Camp River Park Pavilion at 7 pm
Bigfoot Queen’s Dance with Music by Trackster DJ Service 9 pm to midnight when park closes

Saturday, Sept 3rd
Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Cub Scouts 7 am
Booths and Concessions open at the River Park 10 am
Amazing Race Sponsored by the Bigfoot Stores 10 am
Chalk Art at the Pavilion                                    10:30 am
Drift Boat Poker Run on the Klamath River 11 am
Smokey Bear through out the River Park with FS 12 noon
Bigfoot Research Presentation at the Pavilion by Bob Schmalzbach and Linda Martin 1 pm
Kids Activities 2 pm
Salmon BBQ Sponsored by Karuk Boosters 3 pm
Talent Show at River Park Pavilion 5 pm
Karaoke provided by Kim & Bill at River Park Pavilion 7 pm
Lawn Mower Races sponsored by Outdoor Club 7 pm
Dance with The Genuine Draft Band 9 PM to Midnight

Sunday, Sept 4,
Pancake Breakfast sponsored by Family Resource Center at the Elementary School on Park Way 7 to 10 am
Parade Sign Up and Staging 9:30 to 10:30 am
Wonderland Theme Parade begins 11 am,
Davis Road, West on Hwy 96 and turning on 2nd Avenue to the Bridge
Booths & Concessions open at the River Park 12 noon
Cowboy Poetry by Bill Roberts 12:15 pm
Hot Dog Contest Eating by Elk Creek Campground & Evans 1 pm
Parade Awards at the Pavilion 1:15 pm
Music by Trail Prison Band at Pavilion 1:30
Ducky Race
Family Fun Time (sack races/egg toss etc) 4:30
Park Closes at 6 PM but you will want to go to the Go Kart Track
for Lawn Mower Races sponsored by the Outdoor Club at 7 pm

All events and times subject to change and/or cancellation.
No dogs allowed inside the park not even on a leash.
No outside alcoholic beverages allowed inside the park.
No alcohol will be sold after midnight in accordance with the liquor license requirements.

Thank you to the Happy Camp Coordinating Council for the work and time they put into making the Bigfoot jamboree the biggest hometown festival on the Klamath River Community and have for 45 years!!! Don’t forget to thank them when you see them!!!


Come Celebrate Dear Mad’m Day With Us

Happy Camp is celebrating a literary pioneer from our community. Dear Mad’m Day will be Saturday with a Picnic Luncheon at 11 o’clock (for a $5 donation.) The picnic luncheon will be held in the shade of the sycamore trees on the lawn of the Klamath River Resort Inn on the Klamath River east of Happy Camp, a beautiful setting for a picnic!! Bring your folding chair or blanket for the picnic…..see further details on Community Page.

Check out the Calendar and let us know of any events your organization has planned that isn’t on the calendar, please. You can send notices to jbushy (at) Thank you for your help in sharing the events with our Klamath Neighbors!!!

Further information on the First Annual Dear Mad’m Day is on also.
There’s further winner’s announced for the Chilli Cookoff and the Karuk Reunion on Community page also as well as new business news.

Thank you for your encouragement and support of Happy Camp News!

Fishing Derby At Kelly Lake

Chaance Casting pic from Alan Crockett

The Winners are in! Thank you to all the boys and girls who went fising at Kelly Lake for the annual Fishing Derby!
Special thanks to the volunteers who helped them!
Largest and combined fish for K-2nd

Angelina Moehring- 1st Place- Single Largest Catch (32.6 cm)
Jose Cortez- 1st Place- Combined Largest Catch (25.8 + 30.8 cm)
Micah Carrol- 2nd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 24.2 cm)
Autumn Goodwin- 3rd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 21.0 cm)

3rd – 5th

Javier Garduno- 1st Place- Single Largest Catch ( 42.5 cm)
Chris Aubrey- 2nd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 42.1 cm)
Isaih Wilson- 3rd Place- Single Largest Catch ( 42.0 cm)
Max Nelson- 1st Place- Combined Largest Catch ( 27.8 +27.4 + 30.0 cm)

6th- 8th

Sean Lindholm- 1st Place- Single Largest Catch ( 28.8 cm)
Anthony Moerhing- 1st Place- Combined Largest Catch ( 28.6 + 27.6 cm)


Angelina Moehring- 2nd
Maddy Davis- 1st
Abigail Rhoades- 3rd

3rd – 5th

Mitchel Camarna- 1st
Shane Carroll- 2nd
Rachel Carroll- 3rd

6th- 8th

Miranda Rassmussen- 1st
Gaby Riehn- 2nd (tie)
Tucker Welter- 2nd (tie)

1 2 3 4 5 7