Thank you for Celebration of Stella’s Birthday!

151st Brithday Cake

by Judy Bushy
Thanks for all who made the 151st birthday party of Stella W. Patterson such a warm walk down Memory Lane! We loved seeing and visiting with all the friends of Dear Mad’m at the Siskiyou Museum!

It was so great to see Stella’s” young friends,” Rod Diridon, Sr, Claudia and Dick again!Rod came early and it was so great to see him, Claudia and Dick!! His thoughts shared with us about the world of the 1960s that Stella W. Patterson was a part of from France, to San Francisco. Then Stella took it further to students she taught and on the Circle P Ranch, Yreka, and Redding to the simple little cabin on the banks of the Klamath River!!

So thankful for Lisa Gioia, Director of the Siskiyou County Museum, for her hospitality (and slide projection!) of Dear Mad’m walk through Memory Lane today. The Museum volunteers were great! Grateful to those who have shared photographs, items and memories that were shared today!!

Huddleston Oates (brother to Milly in Dear Mad’m) came and shared a plaque from the school he and his sister attended near the cabin site until it closed. Karen Tulledo who has participated in former Dear Mad’m, with writing and fieldtrip events came. We are ALL especially grateful to Barbara Brown of Naturegraph who kept the book available to us all for these years after the hardcover bestseller went out of print!!
Thanks to Roberta and Terry Everett for sharing so much research and Stella’s rocking chair! Terry and Dan Bushy also welcomed arrivals.Leona McLaughlin made a beautiful Birthday Cake for Stella’s 151st birthday today!! After singing Happy Birthday she served the delicious birthday cake!

“Friends” Gather at Museum

All those who reserved a chair and came to share memories– happy times and sad, in the story of Stella’s 80th year!! Thank you to all the museum volunteers who were tremendously helpful as well. This has the same camaraderie as a happy family reunion! Some of us being among the eldest in our families and the younger generation being busy raising the next generation, it is so inspiring to gather to appreciate the simpler days along the Klamath River, and joys and sorrows of life. Thanks to Rod for inspiring us to share this history with the coming generations!!
I hope that the way Stella’s story has inspired so many more will be an encouragement for you all to share your memories of treasured times in your own recollection and of your families, that down in the future would be of interest to your loved ones.

Friends of the Museum Explore Siskiyou History!

by Judy Bushy, Happy Camp, CA
Summer heat is upon us! The lazy days of summer….except for fires in various places. We watch with concern, both for the residents of the area wildfire threatens, but also our crews that may be sent there.

Friday’s lunchtime movie at the Siskiyou County Museum was Up In Flames. It focused on how the United States Forest Service prepares to fight these devastating natural and human made disasters. The film documented the development of fire detection, communication and fire suppression technology. I’ve read of Idaho’s 1910 Big Blowup, but not Oregon’s 1933 Tillamook Burn. I wonder how they compared with the Biscuit Fire in Oregon more recently. I visited my husband, Dan, at the Biscuit Fire Camp near Selma when that was happening. Because of those catastrophic fires there was research and developments of fire fighting technology in many aspects.

Following the film there was a meeting of the Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum ( Mary Shaw is serving as president, Grace Bennett as Vice President, Gail Jenner as Secretary Karen Cleland as Treasurer and Selma Schants, Victoria Bunce and Jean Krueger as board members at large. They will meet again September 8th at 1:30 p.m. after an interesting historical film. Membership is only $10 each for the year, and there will be a newsletter. The meeting was necessarily busy with the details of organization, but now that is on the way after the bylaws were approved.