Fond Memories from Wilderness Trails

Fond memories!

Recently a gentleman shared with Wilderness Trails his fond memories of a backpacking trip he took with Wilderness Trails in 1997. This is a perfect example of the life changing power of camp and the ability this experience has to transform a life.

“…the hike continued on over the next week and my pack began to feel like a part of me. Something was happening to me. I was accomplishing something! I was enjoying myself. I was LIVING!! I was getting to actually not just know God, but actually getting the chance to APPRECIATE the beauty He created for us like I never had before. And I was doing it with people who cared about me, not for who I was, not my issues, my problems, but because I was a child of God. Because they somehow loved me without knowing me. Because I was special. And I actually felt that way, maybe for the first time in a long time. This was something, a memory, an experience that God, with the help of a program called Wilderness Trails and it’s staff had given to me. This is one of those memories that will last forever. Something I can carry with me for the rest of my life.”

-Joshua James