UFO Sighting

We received a report of UFO’s over Happy Camp on Wednesday evening, June 5. Did anyone else see anything? If so please let us know what you saw and when.

One person’s report is always interesting, but having more than one report makes it so much easier to believe. Any reports of UFO’s in the area are welcome. We would like to keep reports of the paranormal archived on this website.


  • *i wais present in the 90s, visiting .. My cousin had a store in Happy Camp, multuple reports of a Landing in the area, the Federal Investigators camped near. Reports that it wais not possible to get close..high energy field..Beings were observed active near the Ship. My cousin sold binoculars to locals and visitors whi wished to see better. )0( 🙂 *

  • Joel

    During the 1970s I drove from Los Angeles to Happy Camp to investigate the Abduction of Helen White and two others. During the 1970s through mid 85, I had 15 years of studying the UFO phenomena interviewing thousands of people over the years.

    I have no clue what has been happening in Happy Camp these days. But during the 1970s Happy Camp was a UFO hot spot and even a good deal of Abductions.

    The reason I had returned so much was the fact there was how active the spot was and I felt I could find many answers by using my knowledge to actually make contact.

    We had a lot of sightings in Happy camp and also other strange Phenomena going on there, the most strange is the day I stood within 10 feet of 6 White Pill-shaped unmanned Alien drones we later punned the term “Pilits”

    Anyone from the area who may continue to have sightings please let me know. Cheers Joel

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