15th Annual Karuk Reunion

Dion Wood & Dessie Busby had shirts to color

Duke got dunked!

It was a hot day for the Karuk Tribal Reunion at the Happy Camp River Park, but the activities and friends & neighbors who gathered made it all worthwhile.
The kids knew how to cool off and loved splashing down the waterslide. It didn’t appear to bother Duke Arwood when he got dunked in the Dunk Tank either. Sitting in the shade of the trees on the park lawn was great. That’s where we got to visit with all the friends and neighbors we hadn’t seen for a very long time!! John and Ruth Bain sent a post card from Europe with German Students, and here they were, back in Happy Camp!

There was an Olympic Competition for the youngsters. In the 3 to 5 year old category, Devin Rompon was able to kick the ball the farthest. Isabell Gomez kicked it almost as far and Natalia Sherman was third farthest. For the 50 Feet Dash those contestants varied it as Isabell Gomez came in first, Devin Rompon came in 2nd and Natalia Sherman was third for the bronze medal.
Results for 5 to 8 year olds in the 50 Yard Dash were Aliza Rompon first, Halayah Sherman 2nd and Julie Murray 3rd place. Aliza Rompon was also first for most jumping jacks within 3 minutes with 53 Jumping Jacks! Emily Mitchell was 2nd place. Halayah Sherman had 18 jumping jacks but she did 59 sit ups to win the first place in the most sit ups within 3 minutes. The 2nd place winner was Emily Mitchell with 28 sit ups and 3rd was Aliza Rompon.

When the 9-12 year olds competed, Hula Hoop Contest was won by Truly Jerila, and the 2nd place was Ryan Mollier and then Logan Mollier as they were the last three standing.. Alisha Jones came in first in the 100 yard dash, 2nd by Logan Mollier and 3rd Austin Bideler . Logan Mollier won first place in baseball throwing, followed by 2nd – Gavin Bideler and 3rd by Ryan Mollier.

The brave contestants for teenage category, were entered in the 3-Legged Race for 50 Yards! 1st place was won by Frankie Snider & Shaunice Polmateer. Kassie Polmateer and Gabby Ward came in second.. Other Competitors receiving ribbons included Jonny Court, Lucifer Alexander, Emily Mitchell, Marlene Juarez, Daisy Gomes, Alicia Jones, Kory Cenham, Trapper Busby, and Ryan Reed.

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