Christmas Shoe Boxes Collected at Horse Creek Community Church

ShoeBoxsMany organizations along the Klamath River Valley have been putting together Christmas shoeboxes for children around the world. Among the participants are the Campus Life Club of Happy Camp High School and Happy Camp Christian Fellowship.

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  • Mrs Barden

    Faithful Christmas Shoebox Sending saints – the final shoebox numbers for 2010 are in for the West Coast Region……..

    (Up 8.05% from 2010….)

    397,189 Gospel Opportunities were sent to:






    and the Philippines

    Praise God!!

    And the total Gospel Opportunities sent from the United States was:


    We praise God for His provision and blessing.

    Please pray for each child that receives a gift this year, that they may come to know our wonderful Savior!

    May God richly bless you in 2011

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