Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce April Minutes. 2011

April 5,2011

President Cathleen called the meeting to order shortly after six o’clock on April 5th
Rosemary will call Siskiyou Telephone for further instructions regarding our phone service as she will be answering the phone.

The Minutes from February 17th were read and approved. The minutes from March 1 were approved with the correction of changing April to March for mid March meeting. The minutes from March 15th were approved as read.

Cathleen shared a few words as president. She is extremely pleased and believes we are right on track, with the website and advertising accomplished already. She will encourage other directors to come to the next meeting.

Linda gave a secretary report on the e-mails. If they have request more information they will be referred to other websites. Former Web designer has not been able to be reached and her husband refused to give any contact information and so other alternative means of solving the website disappearance will have to be pursued.

In addition, Cathleen shared a former new member packet that she received from the Chamber in 1999.. We’ll make more new member packets and certificates for the new members. Cathleen, Linda and Judy plan to meet tomorrow to plan that and UPVISE data base of businesses. The newest additions to the membership are Happy Camp Volunteer Ambulance, South Fork Mining and Clinic Pharmacy. WELCOME!

Judy will contact Illinois Valley C of C, Mt. Shasta C of C, Yreka C of C, Willow Creek C of C, Trinity County C of C, and Yreka C of C about exchange memberships (without vote) for sharing information such as we have with Grants Pass C of C. They may discuss this at the Siskiyou County Chambers meeting in Weed on April 20th.

More information, probably an E-book, was discussed for providing answers to inquiries (and could be printed out for the person without internet access.) We also need brochures, flyers and business cards from every business member so that we can give them to people who ask, and take to events like the Sportsmen’s Expo where we handed out literature. (Please let us know if you have brochures & cards for this!!)

A letter which Cathleen had written to community businesses was discussed. It was suggested that we ask Ken Harris to speak to a meeting.

James gave a treasurers report (which is attached and also updated on the happycampchamber.org website.) We have about $1,789.79 in the bank account, of which $1,535.79 is available, not designated. Terri made a motion to pay about 3 months Siskiyou Telephone bill in advance for $65, 2nd by Rosemary, and passed.Plans for the coming year were discussed. It was decided to have a Bylaws meeting on a Saturday that Marie Wells, executive Director of Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce can come. the end of April or in May.

Plans for an Art and Treasure Yard Sale weekend June 11th after graduation were to be worked out with Terri and Cathleen as committee chairs.. The July concert at the park and Anniversary celebration were Rosemary and James to chair the committee.. Montine is the liaison with the Bigfoot Jamboree Committee and Judy volunteered to help with Chamber booth and float committee. The Date of the Community Tree Lighting hasn’t been set in December yet. March will be the Annual Meeting and Elections.

Next meeting will be the May 3rd meeting at 6 PM and all are welcome to come and participate.
Meeting was adjourned
Those present were: Cathleen Searle, Rosemary Boren, James Buchner, Dolly Elston, Linda Martin, Terri Winslow, and Judy Bushy.

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