Happy Camp Cub Scouts Race in Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby Race

Saturday the Cub Scouts of Happy Camp had their Pinewood Derby Eleven boys had made racecars and came out for the event.

Louis Tiraterra, Webelos Den Leader, and his dad, Louis Sr. were there to help Cub Master Dan Bushy set up and get the track in working order early. They checked it out and Dan and Louis enjoyed trying it out as much as the boys did later.

When the Cub Scouts and their families arrived for the opening, after the pledge and a song the races began. The kids were so wide-eyed watching their cars race down the thirty-foot track powered by gravity.

Greg McDonald, Duane Armbruster and Josh Hambrick were the Judges to make sure which car arrived at the finish line first. First place was the car made by Carl Mayton, who is a Tiger. Second place was Silas Silas Yamamoto is also a Tiger Cub Scout in the first grade. Third place was Casey Tiraterra, who is in the Webelos Den.

The judges decided that the most creative was Dakota Lawrence’s car, which was a large yellow car. Best looking was Doug Elliot, which had neat paint job. It also had flames painted on it that were supposed to glow in the dark (although we didn’t look at it in the dark.) Doug and Dakota are both of our Wolf den. I

When the racing was finished and the awards presented, Louis Tiraterra was cooking hotdogs for the hungry appetites. They were all happy with their cars that had been only a block of wood and set of wheels in the beginning. The ribbons didn’t seem to be too big a deal. It’s amazing how much physics can be learned from seeing how the cars weight and shape influence the effect that the gravity has on the cars speed down the racetrack.

Thanks to the Happy Camp Lions for opening the building for the Pinewood Derby. The tiger Cubs are meeting every other Tuesday at the Assembly of God Church with Jody Lohn. The Wolf and Bear Cubs meet at the Lions Hall on Tuesdays right after school and are making birdhouses. The Webelos are preparing to go to summer camp and be promoted soon to Boy Scouts.

The next pack meeting will be last Friday in April, the 29th at 6 PM and all Scouts and their families are welcome. The Theme will be all about our Feathered Friends. Several of the boys will have earned their Bobcat badges and receive Popcorn patches for popcorn sales.

Cub Scouts Back Row: Doug Elliott (Wolf Scout- best looking) Jacob (Webelo Cub) Alex (Webelos Cub), Chauncey Lloyd (Bear) and Carl Mayton (Tiger)  Front Row: Skyler Bunnell (Bear) Dakota Lawrence (Wolf-most creative) Casey Tiraterra (Webelos- 3rd place), Silas (Tiger 2nd place) Quinn Horvath from Scott River Tiger Cub) and Webelo Cub Scout.

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