Happy Camp Kids Present Moses Skit

Happy Camp Christian Fellowship

While the more traditional Nativity scenes might be the usual fare on the Sunday before Christmas, the combined Sunday School Classes of the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship presented a Moses Skit instead.

At the close, Pastor Kirk Eadie reminded the congregation why Moses in the basket in the Nile was on the tree ornaments.
Narrator: Bella Bryant
Storyline & God’s Voice- Dan Bushy
Moses-Kohl Pinassi
Aaron- James Simmons
Pharaoh- Colin Brannon
Pharaoh’s Daughter- Rachel Saxon
Jochabed-Royale Pinassi
Miriam- Ruby Williams
Dancers & Singers- Abigail Eadie, Mekhia Gabriel, Rachel Saxon, Ruby Williams, Royale Pinassi
The Red Sea & The Wave- Cierra Silva, Nathan Griffin, Judy Bushy
Salvation Message- Pastor Kirk Eadie
Artistic Crowns for Pharaoh and His Court- Melissa Culbert
Costumes- Happy Camp Bible Church, (Thank you!)
Props- The Harmon/Williams family, The Culbert Family, The Eadie Family

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