High School District School Board Comes to Happy Camp

The School Board came to Happy Camp. Happy Camp High School is a part of the Siskiyou High School District along with Mt. Shasta, Weed and McCloud. Mike Matheson, the superintendent comes down the river to visit out school but it isn’t often the whole school board comes to Happy Camp. They wanted to ask the students questions, which were similar to the questions, asked of the staff at the In-service on Monday. The answers to the questions would make up a sort of “State of the District” statement.
Several School Board members introduced themselves to the student body at an assembly and told of their interest in the school. They also asked for input on what the students would like to see added to the school. Some suggested Karuk language classes, more advanced placement classes of various kinds, especially in science and environmental studies. There was a request for more classes that would allow students to express creativity, such as music or drama. When the school board member asked if there was no drama at our school, the students said, “We have lots of drama in the halls, but no theater or drama classes.” A track for running races was suggested, but also a swimming pool, indoor and heated which would be expensive especially with the present high expenses necessitated by the continuing need to repair dampness problems in the north end of the school.
At present the students don’t enter the north end of the school except to go to the office. The teachers’ room, with copier, and the two classrooms at that end of the building are sealed off. The joke is that it is the start on a haunted house project, but the black plastic only allows traffic through a narrow corridor to the office. The students enter at the south end of the hallway. Classes that were held in room 2 and 3 are now reassigned to other classrooms. This has necessitated a great deal of flexibility on the part of the staff and students, but they are facing the situation with fortitude.
One of the School Board members mentioned how much they had appreciated the courtesy and good manners of the students at Happy Camp High. One even mentioned how one of the boys had gone out of his way to follow her to the door to open it for her wheelchair. It is so nice to know that our students have made a good impression on these adults who frequent other high schools also. We do have a wonderful bunch of students, 95% of whom accomplish so much good and are never in trouble. It is an exciting time of the year because we see the Senior Class preparing to leave our school and go out into the world. They are preparing for a trip to College of the Siskiyous as some students plan to attend there after graduation. There will also be a College Options trip to which some of the students will visit several colleges in California.

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