Home Coming is Coming!

Last week was full of basketball at Happy Camp High School and now Homecoming is coming up! That means lots of fun for the kids, and a busy time for us all. Last week besides the games, there was a basketball clinic put on for improving their skills.

For the Freshmen students the candidates for Homecoming royalty are Steffi Murphy and Zack Walters. They want everyone to dress as Senior Citizens next Monday. The Sophomores who will be voted on for Homecoming are Alex Eadie and Melissa Bragg and Tuesday will be Beach Party Day. Next Wednesday the Junior have suggested Crazy Dress Up day and their royalty candidates are Bridget Koons and Kris Nelson. the Seniors are planning SWAG Day, and asking the classes to dress with the letters from that word: Freshman dress in things with S, Sophomores dress in things with W, Juniors will be in things with A
and the Seniors will be with G things. Royalty candidates from the Seniors will be Victoria Jones and Justin Wright. Of course next Friday is Blue and Gold Day with a Pep Rally at 11:30am. should be a very busy week for the students.

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