Homecoming Festivities!

Homecomeing King & Queen

The exciting climax of the Happy Camp High School Homecoming week was three basketball games with Butte Valley Friday evening. It really looked like the boys would catch up when they got within 4 points but Butte Valley pulled ahead. They were good games and the kids did a great job. The parents were busy manning the hamburger stand serving food to hoards of hungry spectators.
Then came the crowning of the Homecoming royalty! Last years royalty, Florence Peters and Ronnie Reed crowned the King and Queen.
Stephanie Murphy was the Princess for the Freshman class. Stephanie’s escort was Justin West. Stephanie loves to hang out with her family and friends and go swimming. Stephanie would like to see a music store in Happy Camp and a music class added to HCHS classes. The freshman class prince, Zachary Walter was escorted by Carly Hammon. Zach likes football and basketball but his favorite sport is wrestling and he likes to go mining with his dad. Zach would like to see wrestling added to classes at Happy Camp High. He’d also like to see a movie theater in Happy Camp.
Sophomore Princess was Melissa Bragg, who was escorted by her brother, Will. She would like to open a Mall in Happy Camp and see culinary arts added to the high school curriculum. Alexander Eadie was the Sophomore Prince. Alex walked with his sister Abbey. Alex’s hobbies are playing music, hunting fishing and anything outdoors. He likes to play basketball because it is intense and energizing. He participates in sports, 4-H and church. His positive attitude is his best character trait. Alex would like to see a better sports program and music at HCHS and see a YMCA in Happy Camp. He would like to become an Air Force pilot after high school.
Junior Princess was Bridget Koons escorted by Corey Barnett. One of Bridget’s hobbies is cosmetology and she’d like to open a beauty salon in Happy Camp. At one time Happy Camp had three beauty shops in town and now we have none. Bridget likes to play volleyball and softball and participates in the executive student council. She would like to see a home economics class at Happy Camp High. Junior Prince, Kirstopher Nelson’s escort was his girlfriend, Shelley Hoskinson. Kris likes basketball, track and field and taking college classes while attending high school. He has a great work ethic and plans to go to medical school. His favorite high school memory is all three basketball seasons. He would like to see more Basketball games and weight training class.
The Senior Princess, Victoria Jones was crowned Homecoming Queen. Victoria’s escort was Joel who will be the lead in the new Drama Class production Anatomy of Gray soon. Victoria has been Student Body President for two years and likes to play volleyball, basketball and softball. A word that best describes Victoria is Serendipitous! After high school Victoria is planning to attend University and use her education to save the world. Her favorite movie is Lord of the rings. Victoria would like to see a pawn shop in Happy Camp and Mandarin Chinese taught at the high school by Jackie Chan and a defensive arts class. Victoria said she is inspired by her mom because she is strong, intelligent, crazy and a unique amazing person. She is the most selfless and caring woman Victoria has ever met.
Senior Prince, Justin Wright, was crowned Homecoming King. Justin was escorted by Sinead Talley. Justin loves to be active in sports and play video games in his free time. He participates in all the sports that HCHS has to offer and likes basketball but his favorite sport is Football. He is planning to go to community college after high school and play football. Justin is most inspired by his mom because she always says inspiring things to motivate him. He would like to see a sports shop in Happy Camp and a home economics class at the high school.
Happy Camp has the English, Math, Science and Social Studies classes and electives like art and drama, but the best is the Karuk Language and Culture Class. It would be wonderful if the students could have it every day a week. Learning language is hard one day a week but the students help each other learn. When you learn a person’s language you learn so much about them because you see what they value and think about. It is really a most interesting class!

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