“Love is the Anti-Drug” Community

Happy Camp and the other small communities along the beautiful wild Klamath River aren’t immune to the problems of other communities, including alcohol and other drug abuse. However, an active body of the citizens concerned for the health and safety of our young people has begun meeting to take action to say “It is not OK” for our youth to be lost by tragedy caused by alcohol and other drug use.

The First meeting in November at Room 3 at the Happy Camp High School was a potluck followed by a spirited discussion by the community members who overwhelmed the room. There were no desks left to sit at the kitchen was full of standing people who came to see that something is done to rescue our children from this scourge

The second meeting in December was moved to the Happy Camp Grange but also included a potluck before the meetingl Sueanne Thurman from McCloud facilitated the meeting as the group brainstormed for solutions to the community problem.

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  • becky brack

    i hope the old timeres that did all the drugs and alcohol were there to put in there two cents. They know more about helping youth than anybody sitting at a desk reading about the problem. I’ve been clean since 1986. And proud of it

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