Purpose of Life

Unknown Author, Published by Worker Magazine
Read by Pastor Royal Blue on KVIP Morning Inspiration

Reasons for life
I don’t know how to say it, but somehow it seems to me
That maybe we are stationed where God wants us to be.
That the little place I’m filling is the reason for my birth.
And just to do the work I do, He sent me down to earth.
If God had wanted otherwise, I reckon He’d have made
Made me just a little different of a worse or better grade
And since God knows and understands all things, Of land and sea
I fancy that He placed me here, just where he wanted me!
Sometime I get to thinking, as my labors I review,
That I should like a higher place with greater things to do.
But I’ve come to the conclusion, when the ending is stilled
That the post to which God sent me, is the post He wanted filled.
So, I plod along and struggle in the hope that when Day is through
That I’m really necessary to the things God wants to do
And there isn’t any service, I can give which I should scorn
For it may be just the reason God allowed me to be born.

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