Remembrances To Start the New Year!

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by Judy Bushy January 2016
The busy Holiday season was fun! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah,and all the many celebrations of Christmas has given way to New Year! Good Day, and Happy New Year! Our hope and prayers that this year will be a good year for all our friends and Neighbors along the Klamath River and for all!! Although we are glad to see some sorrows and problems of the past year are over, now we are looking forward to the bright future that 2016 could be. “Life is filled with wonderful surprises,” says a little lighthouse picture over my desk, and especially at this time of changing the year, it is good to recall that.

My favorite way to look at the new year is as a blank page, of a book to be written. journaling is fun for me, and helps me with reminders of things to write about, or things I would otherwise forget. When Ohlunds Office Supply used to have a journal with dated pages, I always knew that page would be wasted if it wasn’t written on, and that helped to keep up with the daily writings!! A bank notebook doesn’t work as well.

Happy Camp became “Happy Camp” 165 years ago this year! That’s a good reason to celebrate, as many towns formed by gold prospectors left as the gold rumors of other places drew them to bigger strikes. Happy Camp endured as a fishing paradise even though it made it into one book of California Ghost Towns!! It didn’t become a ghost town completely, and then logging became the chief industry. Timber supported the schools and the infrastructure of our town. While the timber industry moved on when the last mill closed in 1995, we haven’t altogether disappeared and Happy Camp is still on the map.

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce has been endeavoring to keep Happy Camp on the map for the past thirty years as of July. Can’t wait to see what will be happening in the coming year!! Jedi gave some Chamber members a training in Mount Shasta on using Google to put businesses “on the map!!”

The Mini-Acorn Grant received by the Karuk Tribe for the Happy Camp Walk/Jogging obstacle Course is an exciting plan on the horizon. The weather didn’t cooperate, although we enjoyed the precipitation!! and the Big Boy Toy Competition to clear out the brush on the site at the River Park had to be postponed. Look at it as a blessing, you can still volunteer and get involved. and you can get forms for your team to sign up from Debbie Bickford,
Annie Jones or Jamie Smith. You can fulfill lots of those New Years’ resolutions, help out and volunteer to help make the Obstacle Course ready for your fitness program

This years Bigfoot Jamboree will be the 50th! What an exciting time to have a golden anniversary. Help out the Happy Camp Coordinating Council with your suggestions, backed up by your volunteer time and efforts!! Give Linda Zink or Abigail Yeager and the rest of the Happy Camp Coordinating Council a helping hand and look forward to a great time.

Please let me know the plans and activities that you’ll be having this year so that I can let the readership and community know about it. Thanks so much!!HappyNewYear Looking forward to a great new 2016 for the whole community!!

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