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Opening of the Bigfoot Scenic Byway
Happy Camp will be 150 years old in July
Origin of the name of Happy Camp
Wild Flower Season Has Arrived
First Annual River Run
Wild River Ride
Roadless Forests, Anyone?
Bigfoot Jamboree – 2001
Chamber of Commerce Installs New Officers
Fire in Happy Camp!


To be restored soon.


To be restored soon.

Author Speaks To Local Writers Club
Happy Camp Residents Prepare
To Write Novels During November

Gun Control?
Los Angeles County Seal
Our Tree Lighting
Remembering electrical safety makes for happier holidays
Photo of the First Snowfall of Winter 2004-5
A Review Of: Protecting Children From Child Protective Services – By Alan L. Schwartz
December 2004 Pet of the Month


Neighborhood Watch Duties and Procedures To Be Clarified
A Typical January – It Snowed
Advertising Options Reviewed At Special Happy Camp Chamber Meeting
Guidelines for Performing Yoga Exercises
Where Management Ends, Leadership Begins
How to Grow a Thriving Business
Great American Bigfoot Research Organization Team Visits Happy Camp
JavaBobs T-Shirt
Fitness for the Busy Family
Pet First Aid Seminar
The Gathering
Community River Walk
Legalize Gay Marriage
Etna Teen Joins International Gathering of Leaders
Grayback is OPEN!
Karuk Tribal Reunion
Bigfoot Sighting Near Happy Camp
Bigfoot — Imminent Capture Anticipated
River Run Motorcycle Rally
Brandon Tennant Visited Happy Camp
Brad Burns To Perform At The Siskiyou Golden Fair
More Local Bigfoot Activity
Happy Camp Mentioned on
Coast To Coast AM Talk Radio Show – Bigfoot Video-stream Planned

Home Country: How to Name Art – By Slim Randles
Karuk Tribal Head Start Accepting 2005–2006 Enrollment Applications
Bigfoot Videostreaming Will Feature Happy Camp
Chili Cookoff: Scott Valley Bank’s Annual Event Popular Among Locals
The Wooley Fire: Marble Mountain Wilderness
Home Country: Patronizing The Competition – By Slim Randles
Man Found In River
Speeding Leads To Drug Bust
Letters To Louisiana
Fleas: The Unwanted Guests In Your Home
Fire Restrictions Lifted
Art Prints For Home Decorating
Local Man Finds Wisdom In Happy Camp
You Don’t Have to Like Your Body to Love It!
Marijuana Gardens Eradicated
Home Country: The Lesson – By Slim Randles
Bigfoot Footprint Found Near Happy Camp
Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Tips
Bigfoot Video Cameras Are Down
Man’s Remains Found In Happy Camp
Four Easy Zucchini Bread Recipes
Happy Camp Mentioned On Ray Taliaferro’s Talk Radio Program
Young Man Arrested, Tragic Drug Problem Suspected
Home Country: Deeks – By Slim Randles
New Playground Equipment in River Park
Klamath National Forest Resource Advisory Committee Update
Pasta Recipes – The Very Best in Italian Cuisine!
Planning Stresss Management
Klamath National Forest Employees Receive State-Wide Recognition
Gas Fireplaces: Adding Warmth To Your Home
Thanksgiving Celebrated
Domingo Ramirez Is Still Missing
Warning To Happy Camp Dog Owners

Klamath River Flood 2005-2006
Missing Janeen
Two More Drug Related Arrests
Klamath National Forest Roads, Trails, and River Access Points All Affected by the Flood
Klamath National Forest hires two Deputy District Rangers
An Organized Pantry
Elk Thin Project
Snow Survey Report
FEMA Is Coming to Happy Camp
Songbird Nature Trail and Campground Clean-up Day Successful
The Myth of Fast Weight Loss
Siskiyou County Resource Advisory Committee Seeks Members
Salamander Sandwiches – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
Could It Be… Fiction? – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
Insomnia – Getting The Help You Need
Are Weight Loss Supplements Useful?
Getting Ready – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
Siskiyou County-wide Interagency Narcotic Task Force Arrests Thirteen Happy Campers
Forest Highway 48 Road Between Cave Junction, Oregon and Happy Camp, California Is Open
Creative Thinking – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
Ghosts – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
How To Win The War – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
The Baby Sparrow – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
Red Cross Press Releases
Forest Fires – July and August, 2006
A Fish Story – a Home Country column by Slim Randles
Summertime In Happy Camp


To be restored soon.


  • michelle smith

    i want to pan for gold… a mother son bond…i am 52 retired military and live in the mts in Ruidoso NM, my son is 27 lives in the city.. phoenix.. thought we might be able to fly into the closest airport come to happy camp and do the river ride, pan and just have a weekend together.. please send me info airport, costs etc thanks .. michelle

  • Rick Dahl

    I am tracking Louis Waingsalbom, He was my grandfathers business partner in Cripple Creek Colorado in 1905. Mr. Waingsalbom is listed as Deceased in the California Death Index on November 1, 1948 in Siskiyou. He seems to have spent his last years in Siskiyou county. The 1930 Federal Census shows him living in Happy Camp with the occupation of gold miner. Is there someone that can research his doings in Sisikyou?
    His name is spelled several different ways: Waingsalbom, Weingsolbam, Weingsolbom. Wainsgalbon, and Loris Wainsgalbom.
    The 1930 Census shows Waingsalbom as married I did not find his wife.
    Contact: Rick Dahl, f.d.dahl at
    Thank you

  • Lori Hayes

    How can I leave a comment/idea for the community on this web-site?

  • Editor

    Lori, why not just leave your comment here?

  • edwin

    good and nice news..

  • Shawna

    Any news about the 2010 Jamboree? I assume it’s on for this weekend, as I see it listed in the calendar. But I can’t find any details. Anyone?

  • Heidi Duty

    Please let me know what it would cost to advertise on your site. We have log home kits for sale. Thank you kindly!

    Heidi Duty

  • John Haines

    I do not find an obituary for Hazel Joyner in the News and there should be!

    Would appreciate learning her dob-dod for inclusion with cemetery monument picture.

    Thank you,
    dal455 at

  • Dr. P. Dogsbody

    Ignorant boy from up in British Columbia, Canada. What/where is Happy Camp? It sounds like a beautiful, artistic and loving community. Is it a recognized town? Privately owned? Would really like to see a “who Happy Camp is” page on your website. Also, really would love to see a picture of the giant dream catcher.
    Thanks, Peace.

  • Rawn Donaldson

    Hello, my name is Rawn Donaldson. I’m working with a local AIM chapter in Indianapolis, IN. Our local leader is looking into taking on building the world’s largest dream catcher in support of The Longest Walk as well as many other native efforts. Any assistance or wisdom on this topic is greatly appreciated.
    For all our relations,
    Rawn Donaldson

  • pablo cuevas jimenez

    I was in the 1987 siege with the Grangeville, Idaho fire crew. That was some kind of fire that I will never forget. If someone out there can share some of the memory please, here is my hotmail address.

  • Pat Topel

    I used to spend some summers in Happy Camp in the 50’s and I love the beauty of the area. So I love reading the local news and enjoy your website. But I would love it if you would have regular news about Bigfoot. I know there are a lot of sightings in that area and I am a believer. So many people have seen them and want to read news about them. Even if someone just finds tracks. So please consider this.
    Keep up the good work. I am Pat Topel from Branson, Mo email is ftopel@centurytel,net thanks.

  • Tammy Oveross

    Hello, I am trying to find any information about my husbands family that was living in the Happy Camp area during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Does anyone remember or know any of the Overosses? We are specifically trying to find Mike’s first cousins, the children of Kathleen Oveross Sharpe.
    Thank you!

  • I am looking for information on Harold N Ives. He was a dentist in Happy Camp. Before he moved to Happy Camp he lived in Cloverdale, CA. Our firm designed his dental office and residence in Cloverdale. There will be a lecture on both of the projects we did for Dr. Ives in Cloverdale and we are seeking to find out a little more about him after he moved away. If anyone knows the whereabouts of his children that would be very special. They may remember things about the events leading up to the design of these two remarkable projects.
    Sincerely yours,
    Jan Novie
    Aaron Green Associates, Inc
    Berkeley, CA
    cell: 415.271.3441

  • Genetta Clark

    Judy, Scott Bar is having it’s annual Ducky Derby in July I don’t know if you consider us local as far as your news letter is concerned. Would you let me know and I will send you the information on it. Thank you Genetta Clark

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