St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Dance

A few of the diners on St. Patricks Day 2002
A few of the diners at the St. Patrick’s Day
dinner this year. Photo by Judy Bushy.

Decorating the tables for St. Patricks Day
Local teenagers volunteered to decorate.
Photo by Judy Bushy.

With the luck of the Irish, all Happy Campers were invited to participate in our annual Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner and Dance. This year the festivities were held at the Family Resource Center (once known as the Headway Market) where dinner included traditional corn beef and cabbage, along with a special Irish stew prepared by the Family Resource Center staff.

A beautiful green knitted afghan – made for this event by Jean Dulong, was raffled off and won by Stella Clark. This afghan was special as it will be the last one donated by Dulong, who moved to Madison, Wisconsin last month.

Dinner and a silent auction started at six pm. By eight, the hall was ready for dancing. Vivian Jordan, a DJ from Yreka, provided the music from her vast collection of CD’s. The dance attracted around seventy children, teens, and parents.

Donna McCulley and Rosemary Boren
Event coordinators Donna McCulley and
Rosemary Boren at the dance.
Photo by Judy Bushy.

Rosemary Boren and DJ Vivian Jordan.
Vivian Jordan, our DJ for the night,
wisely wore green. Photo by Judy Bushy.

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