St. Pat’s Day Variety Show

Happy Camp Pie in the Face

Pie in the Face

Happy Camp CA St. Patricks Day

Abbye, Bela & Ciera had a great skit!!

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day? Did you have a great corned beef and cabbage dinner? You could have, if you came to the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at Happy Camp Elementary School. Besides dinner, there were also auctions and variety show. It was a delightful evening of visiting with friends and neighbors.

Cody Haskell and Glenn Rickel were the Masters of Ceremonies. They also served as auctioneers of some really neat donated items. All the proceeds of the dinner and auctions went to the 8th grade class of Happy Camp Elementary School. You would be truly amazed at all the talented people in our community. First Abbey Eadie, Bella Bryant and Madison Offield did a song and dance routine. Silas Yoshomoto played the piano. Brittany , Madison Offoeld and Matilda Peters cheered. Jessica Williams, Jessica Lantow Mekhia Gabriel and Maddy Offield jumped rope. We enjoyed Mirandas song. Natalia and Nikki also sang. Rudtz Galindo played a great song on the keyboard. After Megan sang her song, Chelsea King, Ella Galindo, Sylvanna Arwood and Royale Pinassi were up there keeping the hula hoops spinning, They even kept them going when throwing and catching a ball among themselves.

Abbey in white wings and a halo, and Cierra, in red and black from wings to horns tried to influence Bella, the young girl in the middle, for a skit. Natalia sang a song. Ryan Randleman sang with his guitar an original song. Then the Soggy Bottom Band played. Casey Chambers, Glenn Rickles, Cheryl Horvath, `Rana Scruggs, Rattj Sherman, and Melissa Rhodes played some most unusual instruments. What a fun time. The whole audience sang, “You are my sunshine!”

Oh, one more thing for the evening. The pies in the faces of Deputy Tygart, High School Principal Alan Dyar and Elementary Superintendent Chambers. Glen Rickles also got a pie in the face. Carmynne Neimoyer “got a pie” from the Cheerleaders.

The Elementary School Multipurpose Room was packed, and everyone had a good laugh. It was fun to see neighbors that we hadn’t seen in awhile. Those with grown kids looked at the performers and wondered where the years have gone. It’s great to have them off in the world, working and being busy but it wasn’t long ago that they were the little kids singing in Jon Saler’s choirs, playing in the band, and looking so adorable. Children grow up much too fast but we can enjoy them while they are young!