Senior Class Shares their Projects at HCHS!

Ray Griffin presented his Senior Project on woodworking with beautiful examples of his skill in this craft.

Ray Griffin presented his Senior Project on woodworking with beautiful examples of his skill in this craft.

Wednesday, the seniors at Happy Camp High School made their presentations of all the good work that they’ve accomplished with their Senior Projects. These projects are required for graduation which is only about ten days away, June 7th.

Speaking in front of a group of people from the community was a new experience and some admitted to butterflies in the stomach awaiting their turn, but all the presentations I heard were very good. Several did their presentations at the same time in the gym, so one couldn’t hear them all, but I enjoyed some of each of the student’s presentations.

Raymond Griffin had a good presentation on woodworking and only a small number of all of the wonderful tables, routed signs and cartoon characters and even glass etchings. They were beautiful. Back in the shop class more of his work was on display for people to see for the Open House preceded the presentations.

Cheyenne Moore had a presentation on firefighting and lots of tools and photos to show. She gave a very poised and knowledgeable explanation of her project.It is good to hear that Cheyenne will be employed by the Forest Service north of us at the Rogue River National Forest this summer.

West Timbrook also had the fire fighting topic, and as West has been serving on the Volunteer Fire Department for awhile it was good to see him share his understanding of the topic.

Cassidy Little had a very complete explanation of the job of Cheerleading Coach and shared her work with the Putawan Cheerleaders,

Kris Nelson is the valedictorian of his class and he has been very busy as he has already accomplished over a semester of college credits during his high school years. He had an interesting dummy for part of the project that he was reporting on, but I missed that part of his talk, but Kris did an excellent job of speaking.

Bridget Koons had a number of dental tools on her table and her board explained the work of a dental hygienist. Some of the examples of poor dental situations were particularly repulsive and effectively emphasized the importance of good dental hygiene!

Justin Smith gave a very good explanation of Video Games which seems to be a very popular topic with young men in our community. Justin did a great job telling about the development of video games.

Brandon Tripp had some great photos of sports. He’s had another topic in mind, but students sometimes find it difficult to find a mentor who can instruct and help them to learn enough about their topic. Brandon loves sports and he has also been invited to be one of four from Siskiyou County who was invited to take part in All Star Team this summer.

Cayla Hammon had a very complete display of the methodology of Elementary Education and did a very good presentation also.

It will be good to see the students take their places in caps and gowns June 7th, and those who will be graduating elsewhere this spring, but oh how we are sad that we shall miss their presence, especially with this class which has done amazing things.