The Odd Day

Fiction, by Cimeron, age 12

One day there was a girl named Sally. She loved to read books, especially fairy tales. One day her mom gave her a book and it was called Animal Fairy Tale Playhouse. Sally said, “Wow! Thanks!” So she read it and it was nice, then she remembered the book’s beginning said: “If you laugh more than five times the book will turn real.”

Sally read for a little then forgot the warning and started laughing (more than five times) and poof! She suddenly felt weird and thought “This place looks a lot like the picture.” And she thought, “This IS the picture!” It was true, but the place looked nice. It had rainbows and flowers and What!? Dogs that talk and walk.

Then the dog said: “If you have food we will let you out so she searched her pockets and she found a dog biscuit and gave it to him. He showed her a pink door and let her go.

The End.

Spanish Galleon, by Aaron Martin.

Aretha checks the weather.

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