Why History?

I have never taught history,
but history has taught me much.
David Starr Jordan

Truly free man will not regard the past as a castle to be defended. . . . for him the past will be a wonderland to be reinhabited by exploring the very places men have adventured in bringing the possible into reality.

Man does not set out on the sea of possibility empty handed and without charts. He brings with him the accumulated riches and wisdom of the ages.

Trust in where there is joy in being alive. Adventure occurs where there is the trust that, “All things work together for good” even in and through and beyond mans darkest hours of despair in the face of stunning natural catastrophe and unspeakable human perseverance

…Adventure is risk…
Without the risk of adventure, men could not act, and the miracle could not happen.

Arnold Come. Reluctant Revolution. How to Live with Change and Like It.

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