Youth do Summer Yard Work

Youth do Yard Work for Church
Youth do Yard Work for Church

The Youth of the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship were busy in the heat of summer, doing yard work. The church bought property on Park Way in Happy Camp, including the car wash on Hwy 96. But, as with all things, weeds and blackberries sometimes tend to take over a place. So the young people have been working at the property to cut back on the blackberries.

Pastor Kirk Eadie, Alex, James, Abigail, Joosie, and Ciera were at the church property doing some weeding. Tomorrow, Abigail will be cooking up a storm with another girl who wants to go to camp, too. They have been having bake sales in front of Parry’s for money for camp.

This weekend, James and Alex will be heading out to Camp Bradley’s High School Camp. The boys will be back on Friday, then they will turn around on Sunday and leave again for Camp Ford, High School Rafting and Camping Trip. These boys are going to be bushed… Keep your prayers up for them and their stamina…. the parents too…

The girls still have time to earn their way to camp as it is later in the summer. Thanks all who have helped and supported their efforts.

The Students are taught in Sunday School at 10:30 on Sunday morning at the Happy Camp Elementary School, when services for the whole family are held. The older students are taught by Dave (Mookie) Culbert while the younger elementry students are taught by Robyn Eadie. Alternate weeks Dan and Judy Bushy assist the teens to teach the younger students. Everyone is welcome to attend the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship on Sunday at 10:30 at the Elementary School on Park Way.

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