47th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree 2013

Grand Marshal’s, Ms.Dorie (Mary Poppins) and Greg (Bert) McDonald
Photo shared with permission of Crystal Jones. Thank you Crystal!

First of all in Sunday’s parade, Greg and Dorie McDonald were Bert and Mary Poppins with Merry Go Round horses on the back of the vehicle for the Grand Marshal’s. Greg is frequently seen doing custodial work at the High School and around town. However, his first love and the talent for which he has a gift is photography. Greg can catch a bee on a flower, or a robin bathing, or an eagle in flight. He also has turkeys and deer that he has hunted, and brought back alive in living color with his camera as well as the kind that goes in the freezer.. It is really great to see his photos. His wife, Ms Dorie as she is known by the students that she has taught in the high school teaches from a sense of calling and has a passion for the students. Our Ms Dorie as Mary Poppins is a fitting answer for the ad that Jane and Michael Banks draft in the story, asking for a fun, kind-heated and caring person for a nanny, and believes in a spoon full of sugar! While she is fun and caring, and has been known to feed them treats on special occasions she is committed to their learning and being prepared for going on to college or whatever career path they take.. I know that she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers this week as she resumes chemotherapy.

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