Strange Creatures Spotted at Elk Creek Campground


Some odd things seem to be happening at Elk Creek Campground in Happy Camp. Since the September fires in the forests near the town, there have been reports of eerie lights and strange noises coming from a vacant travel trailer in the park. The managers, Ed & Jean Davenport have not been able to find anything unusual. However, a camper who asked not to be identified states that, “Strange creatures have been driven here from the forest by the fires.” Another camper states, “I make sure I’m in my rig by nightfall. I keep the lights on and don’t go outside, no matter what!”

The Davenports are concerned by the reports, but assure everyone that there is really nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they are inviting anyone 13 and older to come see for themselves. The campground will welcome your presence and provide a tour of the travel trailer to help calm your nerves. Their only ghoul (I mean goal) is to be sure all have a good time at the park.

Despite all the Davenports reassurances, certain of the Happy Camp High School Seniors state “they won’t go to the park.” There seems to be some real fright from these young adults despite their show of cool bravado and their strong denials to the contrary. It does seem odd that they would pass up free refreshments if they weren’t worried about showing their fright.

For the rest of you brave and curious souls, visit Elk Creek Campground & RV Park, 921 Elk Creek Road in Happy Camp, on Saturday, October 27th from dark until 10:30 p.m. Unlike a certain motel, they’ll be leaving the lights off for you! See you there!

— Elk Creek Press Release

STAR Results Look Good For Happy Camp Schools

STAR scores are in for the California public school system’s 2001 standardized achievement test. STAR stands for Standardized Testing and Review; California students from grades two through eleven took the Stanford Achievement Test, edition 9 (Stanford 9), which was to be completed by May 15, 2001.

The Stanford 9 test covers reading, language, and mathematics for all grade levels. Students in grades nine through eleven also are tested in social studies and science. Students in grades two through eight are tested for spelling proficiency.
Test results have been mailed to parents, who can log on to the Great Schools website to compare their students with others who have taken the test. (In the search box, enter “Happy Camp Elementary” or “Happy Camp High” and your student’s grade.) Test results should be received in the mail between August 3 and September 6, 2001.

Happy Camp Elementary scores have improved quite a lot in the last four years. In 1998 only 38% of local public school students were above the national average in math and 39% were at that level in reading. The most recent test shows 62% above average in math, and 60% in reading.

At Happy Camp High, the results were not quite as good but still, above average. In math, 58% scored above the national average; in reading, 53% were above average. This is up from the 1998 score of 49% for both math and reading proficiencies.

Known factors that may affect a student’s STAR results include their English language ability, attitude, test taking skills, knowledge of the subject matter, and home learning environment. Parents can help by assuring their children have enough rest, a good breakfast, and a well-lighted, quiet place to study.

For more information about California STAR results, see the official website at

Kids Fun at 35th Bigfoot Jamboree

Aaron Martin, age 11
Aaron liked the cotton candy at the Bigfoot Jamboree

September 2, 2001 – The Bigfoot Jamboree was fun for kids. Besides the food and a chance to see friends, there was a clown, races, games, an inflatable jumping place, the parade, and the Junior Logging Show competition.

Did you miss the fun this year? If so, talk to your parents about going next year. The Bigfoot Jamboree is held every year during Labor Day weekend.

Three Legged Race
The Three-Legged Race at the Bigfoot Jamboree – September 1, 2001

Cimeron with her dogs
Cimeron enjoyed the Bigfoot Jamboree with her dogs, Mairi and Bear.

The Odd Day

Fiction, by Cimeron, age 12

One day there was a girl named Sally. She loved to read books, especially fairy tales. One day her mom gave her a book and it was called Animal Fairy Tale Playhouse. Sally said, “Wow! Thanks!” So she read it and it was nice, then she remembered the book’s beginning said: “If you laugh more than five times the book will turn real.”

Sally read for a little then forgot the warning and started laughing (more than five times) and poof! She suddenly felt weird and thought “This place looks a lot like the picture.” And she thought, “This IS the picture!” It was true, but the place looked nice. It had rainbows and flowers and What!? Dogs that talk and walk.

Then the dog said: “If you have food we will let you out so she searched her pockets and she found a dog biscuit and gave it to him. He showed her a pink door and let her go.

The End.

Spanish Galleon, by Aaron Martin.

Aretha checks the weather.

River Report

By C. Goggin, age 12

June 2001 – One day I went rafting. At first it was boring, but soon there were the rapids and then it got better. Then we were told some of the names of the rapids and then we went down a rapid named Rattlesnake. Rattlesnake was not as rough as Surfer’s Alley. Surfer’s Alley was a good rapid and we were lucky we did not flip but I wish sometimes we did. Then my brother steered the raft. He did good. Then we pumped the kayak and I pretended to be a dog. Everyone liked it. But the trip ended. It was fun.

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