Seeking Community Solutions for Our Youth

Love is the Anti-Drug

Love is the Anti-Drug

We have learned that “Love is the Anti-Drug!” One of the greatest concerns is death and other serious consequences due to the impact of alcohol and other drug use by our young people. As a community we will be seeking ways to reduce access, educate, and support recovery of our young people.

An amazing group of Happy Campers came out for the first meeting and potluck dinner Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2008 at the Happy Camp High School. The second meeting was held at the Grange in December and young people volunteered for committees and action was planned. For the January 28th meeting, Kirk Andrus, Siskiyou County DA is invited. For further information, go to the Community page.

Panther Fire News and Updates on other pages

Happy Camp is clear and it is a beautiful day. This summer has been a very smokey one and we really appreciate the blue sky above. Our appreciation for the firefighters, and sorrow at the loss of so many brave firefighters this season has been deeply felt. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these firefighters.

The Panther fire still burns fifteen miles south of Happy Camp and as of today has consumed 21,018 acres. It was started by lightening. Yesterday crews made good progress on establishing fire line in the Bishop Creek area on the north east portion of the fire. Mop-up and monitoring continued on the south boundary of the fire. Last night crews patrolled and held existing line and continued to mop up on the south and south west perimeter while watching for rolling debris on Highway 96. The fire continues to burn slowly into the Marble Mountain Wilderness where it is expected to die out due to existing, natural barriers and sparse vegetation. Efforts to steer the Panther fire into the areas consumed by the King Creek (2007) and Titus (2006 & 2007) fires helped stop the spread of the Panther Fire to the north and east.

Command of the Panther Fire was transferred to Rich Harvey’s Great Basin Type 2 Team this morning. Today work will be focused on improving the line established to contain fire in the Bishop Creek area and to continue mop up there and on the south and south west perimeter.

Bigfoot Jamboree is just around the corner, August 29-31st this year. There will be balloons and clowns and lots of fun for everyone!! Raingutter Regatta for Cub Scout sailboats before Friday’s Coronation of the Queens and the youth dance!!

Update on the children’s page: Scouting Campout Full of Surprises!

Update on the Community Page:12th Annual Karuk Reunion

Thank you to our faithful readership for your patience during technical difficulties which prevented getting news of the Happy Camp Community in a timely manner as we wished. It is a beautiful day along the wild Klamath River and we celebrate summer!

Scouting Campout full of Surprises!

Scouts camp at Kelly LakeCampers all set to head off to Kelly Lake

Surprise! Upon arriving in the vicinity of Kelly Lake about twenty miles from home, the older boys, Pihneftuuf Elston, Christopher Riehm and Brandon McCarthy went to look around for a good campsite. Scoutmaster Dolly, who drove the gear pick up with the older boys, went down an incline to look out a potential site, slipped and fell.

That left only the three youngest boys, Cody Sindle, John Cook and Ryan Wilson, who just graduated from Webelos with me to assist her. Thanks to Charles Tello, who was camping in the area and helped us out! Then Quinten Peterson came and got the crew organized to get her safely to camp. The older boys returned to help so that was a big help. There was a rattlesnake a couple feet away from the trail that needed to be taken care of too

Our Scoutmaster was soon sitting in camp with her swelling foot elevated on ice until we could get her to the clinic. The boys fell to work setting up tarps and tents and soon a camp was organized. A campfire circle with downed wood collected by John, Ryan and Cody, provided cooking for hot dogs for lunch.  Everyonce in awhile we’d have showers, but about the time we got another tarp up, it would cease. The boys had fun throwing each other in self defense moves taught by Q!

The boys also pitched in and made venison stew for supper. Under Robyn Eadie’s guidance, Alex and Abbye helped cut the potatoes. When Mia helped and cut her finger, Abbye provided band aid care. Neffers browned the venison. Steven Welin cut up the onion, the most unpopular job of the meal.  The most popular part was s’mores around the campfire, with melody of “Does you Chewing Gum Loose Its’ Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?” and stories, (scary and made up with additions by each camper) around the campfire. 

After a good night sleep, despite the rain and lightning off and on, the boys prepared a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. Brandon cooked up the bacon. All those pancakes disappeared quickly. Boys ate the food they fixed with gusto!

Then it was off to the fishing derby. Surprisingly,  the fish (1500 lbs of fish had been delivered Wednesday before) weren’t biting as well as the day before. Someone caught and released five the day before in a very short time. It is my theory that those released fish went and told the rest of the fish all about the hooks behind the bait!!!

Well, as you know, all the lightening of Friday ended up starting fires in the area, and all around northwest California . The Fire Camp was set up in Gail Zink Park for Siskiyou Fires. The Forest Service will be giving us updates on the fire situation but we have been very grateful that (except for last Sunday) the smoke hasn’t been awfully bad, but it still continues. We are grateful to the Firefighters who have come to battle the wildfires started by lightening!

Good School Year Comes to an End

Judy Bushy
June 10, 2008
By the time you read this school will be out. Finals are keeping most of the high school students busy this week except for the senior class. Seniors are busy decorating and attending to last minute details for the conclusion of their high school education.

It has been a very good school year. Mr. Dyar surprised all the students who thought they’d surprise a new principal who didn’t know them!!! He knows the students, having seen them in their earlier years at the Elementary School. Mr. Dyar also has the respect of the students and they have responded well and had a good year for the most part.

We also had a new District Superintendent. Doug Squellati. While the students don’t see a lot of the District Superintendent (although I heard some Seniors that he interviewed who were very appreciative that he was nice and friendly and wasn’t scary!). The staff appreciated Mr. Squellati’s hard work this year. For the first time in many years Happy Camp teachers and staff feel that someone at the District takes an interest in our school and our students. Although distant geographically, local residents, who are taxpayers, feel equal funding, modernization of facilities and expenditures of all students are important. Mr. Squellati brought fairness and financial expertise that is much needed and appreciated

Scott Valley Bank Chili Challenger

It’s that time again! The 11th annual Chili Cook off will be held Saturday, June 14th at the beautiful Happy Camp River Park under the Pavilion. As in the past, we will be preparing chili at the park, so tables will be set up at 9:30 A. M.  You can begin to cook anyting after that. Judging will start about 12:30 or as soon as all the contestants are ready.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes.

There will also be the 4th annual Salsa Contest, separately from the Chili Contest.

Contestants will be voting for the best chili and Salsa. All entries must be received by June 9th so we are able to make arrangements for prizes. Rules are available at the Happy Camp Branch of the Scott Valley Bank,  Highway 96 in Happy Camp.

Favorite Recreation Contest!

What is the favorite recreational activity you enjoy along the wild and scenic Klamath River?

While Happy Camp News has had opportunities to share the “Fun Things children do in Happy Camp”. and “Ten best things to do in Happy Camp” in the past, now we put it to you, dear reader. What are some of your favorite activities in this beautiful outdoor family fun place at the top of California?

Send your nominations to the editor:

P. O. Box 1675, Happy Camp, CA 96039

or e-mail to Judy Bushy –

Thanks, looking forward to hearing your accounts of fun times on the Klamath!

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