Clinic Pharmacy Celebrates 35 Years Serving Community

bixcdclinicpharmacy-001by Judy Bushy
Patt and Mike Celayeta are celebrating too! Clinic Pharmacy has been 35 years serving the community in Happy Camp! They stopped to figure some things and came up with that they have now served FIVE generations of Happy Campers! They are having a contest to celebrate….it’s time for the Guess How Many Pills Are In The Jar Contest.This time they are awarding cash prizes.

Patt expressed their thanks to the community of Happy Camp and the folks up and down the River for their continued support and trust in them to provide the best pharmaceutical service available.

It is fun just to see what health and safety things they have available, some good preventatives and other things good to have on hand “just in case.” We were recently able to get some prescriptions for our Aussie pup, Adom!! That’s a big help as it didn’t require a trip out of town, or out of state, to his veterinarian for the things that were needed as ticks had been pestering him earlier this year! We also appreciate for the way that Patt and Michael support the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce and in many ways help our community!

Patt also said that they “continue to enjoy their profession and service to our community and look forward to folks stopping by to say hello and to enter the contest.” Come by Clinic Pharmacy and put your guess in! You may be the one to win a cash prize by your guess for the contest


  • Patt and Mike Celayeta

    Thank you, Judy, for the kind words!

    We enjoyed having everyone stop by and participate in our fun little contest to celebrate our anniversary. We’ve enjoyed being part of our community for 35 years!

    Our contest has concluded and the winner is : Mike Ettleman who guessed 7878 pills in the jar…and there were 7872! Second place: Crystal Jones Third place: Synthia Figueroa Two random drawing winners: Adrianna Guy and Merry Michels Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks for allowing us to be your pharmacy!

    Thanks everyone, for all the hellos and good wishes while we celebrate our 35th Anniversary! It was fun playing the contest with all of you!

    • Larry Thompson


      You don’t know me…..but I have a close friend who may still be living in Happy Camp…..his name is Wayne “Scotty” Scott. I moved to Nevada years back and consequently lost contact with Scotty. If you should know of him…..would you please let me know if he is still there? My name is Larry Thompson and my email is: larrycyguy1[at] Please feel free to give him my email address.

      Thank you so much!


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