Clocks Spring Ahead March 13th

Daylight saving begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November, when clocks are turned back an hour.

The United States doesn’t require Daylight Savings Time but Arizona and Hawaii are the only states not to bother. It is required that if a locality does have Daylight Savings time it must be at the same date and time. Clocks spring ahead before the actual beginning of spring, which doesn’t begin until March 20.

If daylight saving upsets your sleep timetable, try turning in 15 minutes earlier and waking up 15 minutes earlier for several nights in advance to get your internal time clock ready for the hour change.

Experts say not to sleep late that Sunday. so getting up for early for Church should help!

If the change proves troublesome long term, avoid reading, eating or watching TV in bed. Still awake? Go for complete quiet and darkness, and a slightly cooler temperature in your room. Pets and children will need help adjusting so, as always, plan ahead and be prepared to make a smooth and gradual transition for them.

The good news is that spring is nearly here!

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