Community Support gets New Gym Floor

Alan Dyar and John Kufner present $38,000 check to Mike Mathieson SCHSD for the gym floor at Happy Camp High School.

One problem arose while the gym roof was off and it rained. The floor and things were covered with tarps but somehow the rainwater got under the tarp and resulted in a very badly warped floor. Now our beautiful hardwood gym floor was 51 years old, but it was a beautiful smooth playing place before the warping. The warping would have been difficult to deal with in physical education classes. But a new floor estimate came to $101,532.00. That is a lot of money! There wasn’t money left from the Q funds, and they have to be used strictly for projects that are covered with the legal description at the time of the vote. So what was to be done about the gym floor???

A dinner fund raiser brought in $716.92. An Indian Tacos fundraiser made $456.75 by Tamara Barnett. The Cycle Oregon people came to town and not only did the students haul luggage two days (unpacking and packing up the next day) which made $2,000. The adult workers, Lori Jones, Alan Dyar, Buster Attebery, John Bain, John Kufner, Karen Derry, Rob and Christina Baker, donated their tips which came to $594. The High School Teachers earned some funds for the students benefit and earned $10,000. There was even $110 from a fifty/fifty raffle. Many other supporters from the community began offering donations, $100 from John & Linda Kufner, $100 John and Ruth Bain, $250 from Alan and Carol Dyar, $50 from Cindy and Dan Falkenstein, and $1,000 from Parry’s Market. The Kevin Nolen, CRM Group gave $500 and the Happy Camp Volunteer Ambulance put in $500. A very special lady, DeeDee generously donated $38,000 check even tho’ she doesn’t live in Happy Camp. All together we have had many people working together to whittle down the price needed for that brand new gyn floor.

Think of it as an investment in the sports team for the next fifty years! How can they all learn sports without a good gym floor? The old one lasted over fifty years so perhaps the new one to be installed will be there when you come to see your grandchildren play.


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