Counting Blessings for Thanksgiving!

Thank you to the Sakota Family!!

Judy E. Bushy
Thanks to the Sakota Family for making a Turkey Dinner!! Thanks Nell and all your helpers!
With so many sad things having come about, fire, disease and difficulties,do you remember how many things we have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving?

There is still so much to be thankful for. Even though the losses and grief have been uppermost, don’t forget that despite the difficulty, you have come through it all. You are on your way to recovery and you are a survivor so you can choose to express gratitude for God’s grace this year

The governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves wrote: “It is fair to say that this last week (with two daughters in quarantine) has been the most difficult of 2020—a year we can all agree has by its very nature been tough on all of us.”

His family’s difficulties, have obviously been painful for him and resulted, he admits, “I wanted to feel sorry for myself. I wanted to focus on the challenges. Honestly, I wanted to focus on all of what we are going through these tough times. But when he prayed, he realized, “We are going to persevere. We are going to come out even stronger on the other side… Because God is with us and God is our ‘strength and refuge’ (Psalm 46).”

I am grateful to live in America where even political leaders, and everyday people still have freedom to express their personal faith whatever that may be!

I am very grateful for all the lessons learned this year. All the kindness shown by our Klamath neighbors and community to other’s during the tough times!

Although I wish my husband was able to be home right now, I am so thankful that he is in good hands and the physical therapy will make him stronger and able to return home soon.

We can be grateful to have a roof over our head and food in the cupboard, heater to keep warm. Electricity to have a today’s modern amenities. And even Wifi, for wonderful communications with loved ones; near and far!!.

Saturday there was a lot of action and a brand new star at the top of the tree by the Forest Service offices Parking Lot.

Our Fire Chief, Erik Haskell, says, “Thank you Mountain Enterprise for the help, and basically stringing up the new lights! Also for Home Depot for the great discount on the lights.
Remember Happy Camp this is for you!

Don’t forget the fifth of December for the parade and the lighting of the tree. Please come down decorate your rigs, lawn mowers, anything! Just put some lights on and join in the fun. Hope to see ya all on the fifth, thanks again Sincerely Chief 3300”

It is good to see the Christmas lights go up, as Linda Jo Martin said,
“Despite everything this little community has been going through this year [with Covid and the Slater Fire] the star is still going up on our community Christmas tree today. More lights to follow. God still loves us and the future is bright.”

That’s something for a lot of Thanksgiving!!

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