Elk Fire Complex Update From The Forest Service

Total Complex Acreage: 9,197 acres
Incident Resources: 1,107 personnel
Total Complex Containment: 28%
Expected Full Containment: 7/29/2007
Cost to Date: $8,897,560
Injuries to Date (minor): 8
Structures Threatened: 550
Fatalities to Date: 1

Yesterday, a pilot under contract was killed when his helicopter crashed near the Elk Fire while providing logistical support to firefighters. Weexpress our deepest condolences, and our thoughts are with h is families. A Forest Service National Accident Investigation Team is arriving today to begin their investigation into the helicopter accident.

The protection of the Happy Camp and Elk Creek communities remains a top priority. Yesterday, crews made excellent progress constructing firelines(see list below). Burnout operations, which reinforce significant portions of the containment line, have been completed on the Little Grider Fire, near Happy Camp, CA. A burnout was initiated last night on the northeast perimeter Wingate Fire and is expected to continue late into Tuesday.

Complex Fire Details

Of the thirty identified fires in the Elk Complex, 24 are 100% contained.

The fires will continue to be monitored, patrolled and staffed as safety, resources and access permit. The remaining six fires are as follows:

· Little Grider Fire (1,952 acres) 60% contained. Burnout operations are complete.

· King Creek II Fire (2975 acres) 25 % contained. Line construction continued on the fire.

· Wingate (916 acres) 5% contained. Burnout operations have begun.

· Elk Fire (1144 acres) 40% contained. Crews established direct line on the fire’s northern and eastern perimeters.

· Titus Fire (2043 acres) 5% contained. A recommended evacuation for homeowners, and closure for campers and miners, from Five Mile Bridge to Norcross Campground on Elk Creek Road remains in place. Firelines have been constructed around structures.

· Hummingbird Fire (80 acres) 0% contained.

Evacuation Planning:

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department has taken steps to locate an evacuation center at Seiad Elementary School in the event evacuation becomes necessary. Individuals with special needs, such as those requiring mobility assistance, need to notify the Sheriff’s Department ahead of time.

Sources of info include: http://www.inciweb.org (including other fires) or
the incident information office at (530) 841-4451. Visit
http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/klamath for information on fire restrictions and
local closures.

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