Friday Suppers at the Bigfoot Corner

Florance’s succulent smoked salmon is on the menu for the Art Gallery Dinner Friday.  Each week, quite a number of dishes, like vegetarian sushi, rolls with spring green and coconut soup, keep coming from the Klamath Siskiyou Art corner by Bigfoot in Happy Camp.

Dinner is only $5. For an additional $2 this week you get organic strawberries and whipped cream on lemon poppyseed shortcake by Joanne Rivera.

The purpose of the dinner is to raise funds of $15,000 this year ($12,320 in May) for the building of a unique and very special art gallery in Happy Camp.

While you are there enjoying visiting with community neighbors, you will enjoy another opportunity to see the monthly art exhibit if you missed it on opening night!

For further information, give Alan Crockett a call!

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