Poetry Honors won by Happy Camper

by Judy Bushy

Rusty Williams had exciting news! She received the honor of a third place award for her poem, “Jeremiah,” which she entered in the National Amateur Poetry Competition. A photo which she had taken of the Jeremiah Tombstone and entered in the Siskiyou County Fair had also won a blue ribbon among the photography entries.

Rusty shared with me that she has written many poems, some on the backs of napkins. She has also has a poem called “Crab Tree Blues” published previously in the Lost Coast Poem and Stories from Humboldt County California. This new award by Eber & Wein Publishing is of special importance since she won among vast numbers of poets on a national scale who entered the competition! Congratulations Rusty, we will look forward to reading more of your poetry in the future!

October My-ena-ca Art Show was great!!

Some of our local Happy Camp artists had a very well attended art show Friday; the fifth My-ena-ca Show was at the Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center! Myanna is one of the trio artists that presented their work and her sister even brought music and the gentle folk tunes they played made a beautiful background for a wonderful get together. Veronica Rassmussen had some lovely colored paintings and Nena Creasy had some especially nice metalwork that she has created!! There were beautiful pieces to enjoy and to inspire you!

It was great to see Don and Jane Hall from Yreka. Don and Jane have been enjoying travel and Don keeps taking exceptional photography since retirement. It was fun to introduce Gloria Chappelear to my son Stephen. Steve has changed a bit since she taught him Sunday School about twenty years ago! Old Friends and also new friends like Megan Hogue who is the new RSP teacher since Liz Laney retired.

Thanks Denise Bearding, Jennifer and Glenn Rickel, Rachel and Tai Kim, Chris Magarian for the delicious supper, hadn’t planned to eat but Stephen said it was great and he was right! Enjoyed the Taylors Sausage, Massaged Kale, Cucumber Salad, BBQ’d Marconi Peppers and delicious quiche-like dish! Yum! Robyn couldn’t leave the Football game so I brought her a dish also, last plate of supper as there was a very large and congenial (and hungry) crowd.

I think the Art Center needs a playground also!! It is such fun to see the younger ones playing together under the Bigfoot Statue but rather worrying for the mom’s who keep a watchful eye as the kids frolic with the traffic in the nearest thing to a traffic jam besides five o’clock weekday afternoons at the post office. A town without a single stoplight doesn’t have much traffic most of the time! A number of our citizens get around on foot or bicycles!!

Great to see the younger set growing up with such friendly Klamath neighbor gatherings and appreciation of the metal work painting and other artistic endeavors of our local neighbors!!

August’s Fantastic Friday Supper at the KS Art Center

Last Friday evening Jon will be served a Mexican Dinner at the Art Center at Bigfoot Corner!! According to Alan Crockett, “… Friday, September 6th, join us at the Art Center for a unbelievable Mexican Dinner. Guest Chef Jon Grunbaum’s ever popular Chicken Fajitas with succulently cooked Beans and Rice and Jon’s Famous Show Stopper Guacamole! And of course we’ll have a sensational music mix blended with the most refreshing of refreshments.”

Jon Graunbaum cooking for Fabulous Friday
at the Klamath Siskiyou ‘Art Center!

Rockin’ the Klamath Fun & Music Coming June 29th

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2013 headline band for Rockin the Klamath

The Spiral Kings

The Spiral Kings return to Happy Camp after headlining RTK in 2011. They are from Medford Oregon and are a well known band performing together for many years. Back to Happy Camp by popular demand, they bring an even expanded show. Visit their website for a preview of their outstanding classic rock and blues show.

Spiral Kings Myspace Page

Spiral Kings Facebook Page

Opening Band – Ponderosa Breeze

Rockin the Klamath is a wonderful musical experience (featuring two top bands) and a talent show on the banks of the Klamath River in Happy Camp, California – deep in the heart of the Klamath National Forest.

Rockin the Klamath starts early afternoon on June 29, 2013 in the River Park with “Happy Camp Has Talent.” This is a talent show for people to perform for a crowd. Any act is welcome (within reason, modesty and decorum) from solo musicians, comedians, bands, etc. We had fun poetry recitation, and look forward to your sharing your talent!! (This schedule subject to change)

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM – “Happy Camp Has Talent” – a show of our local and talented performers! The crowd will choose the winner and the Chamber will award 3 prizes: $50 First, $30 2nd, $20 3rd.

Walk-in contestants welcome – report to the MC by the stage to get a performance time.

4:00 PM – Jam session! All musicians are welcome to join in!

5:00 PM – The 2nd and 3rd place winners of the “Happy Camp has Talent” contest will perform an encore.

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Opening band – Ponderosa Breeze (Southern Oregon)

8:40 pm – Raffle – Grand Prize: Inflatable Kayak package donated by Klamath River Resort Inn

9:00 PM – 12:00 AM Headline Band Spiral Kings (Medford Oregon)


Adults $10 at the gate, $7 in advance

Children (under 18) $7 at the gate or $5 in advance

Advance purchase tickets may be bought at the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce Office at 35 Davis Road – next to the Post Office in Happy Camp, CA. Or mail a check to the Chamber at PO Box 1188, Happy Camp, CA 96039 and we will mail the tickets in return or hold at will call depending on the date.

Raffle Tickets $1 each or in advance at Chamber office $7 for 10 tickets. Do not need to be present to win.

(2013 grand prize is brand new inflatable kayak, paddle, pump, and life jacket by KRRI )

Other Prizes: New Guitar Hero for Play Station 2 donated by Rosemary Boren

River tube with handles for floating down an easy section of the river by KRRI

There will be food and drink booths at the park as well as local arts, crafts, and jewelry vendors.

The beer booth is provided by Happy Camp Coordinating Council Inc. (aka Bigfoot Jamboree Committee) in support of the Bigfoot Jamboree on Labor Day Weekend.

The River Park is a well-shaded venue to spread out your blankets or lawn chairs and spend the day listening to the music at the beautiful River Park along the Klamath River in Happy Camp.


No outside food or beverage are permitted to be brought into the park.

No illegal substance to be brought in the park or consumed.

All people must purchase an admission ticket to enter and must wear their admission wrist band at all times – or be a volunteer and wear their volunteer wrist band at all times.

Do you have questions? Contact the Chamber Office 530-493-2900 or email info @ happycampchamber.org

To volunteer and receive free admission please sign up at the Chamber of Commerce Office. Limited numbers of volunteers needed! Sign up early!

Extreme Prospector from Happy Camp!!

Extreme Prospector
Authored by Dave McCracken of Happy Camp!

J.E. Bushy
Congratulations to Grace Bennett who was honored as the Citizen of the Year in Yreka recently.

One of the last times I saw Grace was at a Collier’s Information and Interpretive Meeting and they were brainstorming ideas for the name for the new California Welcome Center name that will be added to Collier’s title. One of those suggested was Extreme California, because it is located at the farthest north in California!! We have such extremely fun outdoor recreation, extreme hiking, extreme biking, extreme mountain climbing. Just everything seems to be the utmost extreme fun! People come to Happy Camp for the extreme fun of gold prospecting and treasure hunting.

This week I picked up a book about a man, well known in Happy Camp for his gold prospecting fame. Dave McCracken, also known as Dave Mack, founded the New 49ers Prospecting Club in the old Kevershan Drugstore Building in 1985! Dave is a well known authority of gold mining and gold dredging and has written a number of books on the subject.and videos.

The book that he has written @2012 is different from the previous instructional books. Extreme Prospector by Dave Mack is an exciting book about his adventures as a modern day gold and treasure hunter. The back cover blurb compares his adventures to Mission Impossible Action Stories, and suggests that the fact he has survived them all will leave you wondering if he has a whole army of guardian angels watching over his shoulder.

True to form, the book is dedicated to Dave’s friend and mentor, Sam Speerstra, who is likened to the fictional character Indiana Jones.
The introduction starts out with Dave and Rob Towner working along the bottom of the Klamath River with an 8 inch dredge. When they started moving a large boulder that neither Dave nor Rob could move themselves, you kind of hold your breath. Such action in strong currents can be hazardous. This occurred a number of years ago, so I’m sure logically I know they survived, but the telling of the tale keeps you hoping they do make it from this emergency!!

Dave talks about experiences growing up in a Navy family as the son of a submarine commander and homemaker with two brothers and a sister. Building a rowboat in the living room of their home enabled him to start a lobster business. That likely led to his being scuba qualified at 13 years of age. Due to his passion for boats and the water, his mother suggested seeing a Navy recruiter to see if there was any kind of diving program. There wasn’t. As they were leaving, the recruiter said in passing, there was a “Navy Seal” program-toughest, meanest men on the planet.

Dave’s account of the harrowing experiences of training is amazing. His class started with 58 men and only 8 survived to graduation. Reminded me of my husband’s helicopter pilot training when they “washed out” as many as they could You never knew if you’d be there another day let alone to finally get “your wings” and became a Warrant Officer! But piloting a helicopter training didn’t include drown proofing. only crashes!

At any rate, there were high adventures in the Seals, jumping ship and swimming against the tide to get Suzy Wong’s phone number, for instance. The adventure didn’t end when he left the mlitary.

He tells of being pursued by Royal Canadian Police, diving for rich diamond deposits in crocodile infested waters in the Amazon, and venturing to the far corners of the world to seek the gleaming gold nuggets and priceless gemstones.

In between he has information on gold, of course, the economy, and responsibilities of being the leader of a team; to the recent work up on the Rogue River, and back home on the Klamath.

Extreme Prospector by Dave Mack is available in hardcover at the New 49er Prospecting Club on Davis Road and also on the Internet.

Art & Culture at the People’s Center and Museum

In Collaboration with The Clark Museum in Eureka, CA, The Karuk Tribe opens
Pi’êep Káru Payêem – Long ago and Today Exhibition
The Karuk Tribal Historic Preservation Office announced today that the Karuk People’s Center and Museum in Happy Camp, CA will display the art and culture exhibition Pi’êep Káru Payêem – Long ago and Today through September 2013.

The exhibition showcases treasured cultural pieces as well as contemporary traditional and modern art. The community-led exhibit was developed to focus on variety of interpretive/educational themes featuring the Karuk Tribe’s people and environment. Museum displays include men’s and women’s food collection and preparation tools, baskets and other objects, ceremonial regalia, and contemporary art influenced by long-held cultural traditions.

Karuk Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Julie Burcell, notes that the exhibit “illustrates the amazing cultural continuity between modern Karuk people and their ancestors. The exhibit will allow visitors to visualize important aspects of the Tribe’s culture and religion, but also emphasizes that the Tribe’s connection to its past is alive and well in modern communities all along the Klamath River.”

Unique to this museum exhibition is the wide-angle perspective of the Karuk culture: cultural botanists, forest ecologists, master basketweavers and artists, regalia makers, hunters, fisherman, and ceremonial dance leaders all contributed time and knowledge to the exhibition’s design.

Karuk elders, Tribal Council members, ceremonial leaders, artists, and Clark Museum and People’s Center staff worked together to highlight those aspects of Karuk life that have largely gone unchanged: the connection to the river and environment, ceremonies and spirituality, and artistry of diverse mediums.

Additionally, the Karuk language is found throughout the displays and explanatory texts, facilitating documentation of the indigenous language. Tribal member Julian Lang, editor of the exhibition’s catalogue, stated that this “is a perfect example of another goal of the exhibit: making the exhibit relevant and useful to tribal-efforts.”

The People’s Center is situated near the confluence of the Klamath River and Indian Creek in Happy Camp, at the location of ancestral village site athithúfvuunupma. The museum and cultural center of the Karuk Tribe is devoted to the preservation, promotion and celebration of Karuk history and language. The People’s Center is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am to 5 pm and closed for lunch from 1:00 to 1:30 pm.

The Tribe is sponsoring an opening reception for the museum’s special exhibit, Pi’êep Káru Payêem – Long ago and Today, on Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 1-3 pm. Please RSVP at jburcell@karuk.us or contact (530) 493-1600, x. 2202. The exhibition runs through September 2013.

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