Gary Hahn is Citizen of the Year

by Judy Bushy

A week ago the Siskiyou Union High School Board met in Happy Camp. It is great that they can do videoconferencing, and even better when they come here to meet in Happy Camp. They said that they enjoyed the scenic drive that day! While they were here, Principal Alan Dyar presented the Happy Camp Citizen of the Year with a plaque!

The 2015 Citizen of the Year in Happy Camp is Gary Hahn. Gary has been involved with the Happy Camp Boosters Club for many years, and serves as President and is always on hand to help when needed! His grandson Brandon McCartney graduated a couple of years ago, Shayne McCartney attends the High School now, and another grandson will be coming as a freshman next year. Thanks to Gary for all that he does for our school and community!!

Did you enjoy our beautiful SPRING weekend? It was great to have the nighttime rains right after planting by the entry to our front porch! I was blessed with the gift of some hyacinths that we got into the ground before the rain. It’s nice to have the rain, but even better to have the day be sunny and bright! The garden is tilled (thanks to Wilson Forbes’ assistance) but while it dries a bit more before planting time, the weeds are growing very well!!

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